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jeni weni's diary ^_^

heya my names jenni :)

im new on minimins i joined up just today as recomended mby my friend =)

im currently 22 years old and have a 3year old son ... befor i got pregnant i was very active full of confidance at a size 10/12 weighing 10. 1/2 stone ( ive always been big boned ) i got pregnant and put hardly any weight on untill month 7 of my pregnancy! then the weight seemed 2pile on ... after i give birth by ceaserean section i started 2 get into habbits of sitting at home all day eating junk food and sleeping with my baby before i knew it i was weighing 16st and i size 18!!
i find im over weight but i dont look massivly obese its more to do with my health i find im very lathardgic lazy and unfit i get out of breath walking up the stairs :( my doctor decided to put me on xhenical as i have put on almost 6st and in 3years have only lost 1stone ... currently i weigh exactly 15stone , my goal is to loose 4-5 stone although weight isnt realy my issue as iv always been heavy even at my slimmist so my goal is to get from my current size of 16-18 down to a size 12 by next summer.

i have been taking xhenical for the last 5days and have noticed changed in my bowels quite drastic changed which is proberbly a sign of me eating foods with to much fat in =/ i dont eat too much i just eat the wrong foods but im fussy with all my food thats how i got into the habbit of eating junk. before i had my baby i could eat anything and get away with it but obviously my body has gone through some major changes and i have now realized i have to change the way i eat and what i eat if i want to be in my slim jeans and vest tops for summer 2011 =D

id be grateful of any advice opinions most of all recipies so i can try greaching my goal! i will also be joining up at my local gym in january so that will be the excersice side sorted.
like i mentioned befor i am very fussy with my foods i dont eat any meat or fish , i eat the odd buurger from mac donalds or chicken burger but im not a meat lover so keep it minimum if anyone has any great vegitarian recipies or meal plans would be great , iv started eating quarn which i know is low in fat and tastes just as good as meat i also love jacket potatos pasta rice ect ... :)

look forward to speaking with u all soon <3 x <3

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Hiya Jenni and welcome to Minis and to the Xenical forum x
While you're on Xenical, you really need to be aware of your fat intake, try to eat foods that are 5% fat or less, and aim for no more than 15g of fat per meal. The easiest way to get your head around all this is to label read everything you're going to buy/eat, and also keep a food diary. You can either keep a diary on here, or somewhere else on line like myfitnesspal.com ( free to join), or just have a notebook that you keep with you. I found my food diary really invaluable ( have kept one for over 2 years now).
Good luck on your weight loss journey, and dont forget to keep posting, we'll help and support you in any way we can :)
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Bunnyhops is veggie, hopefully she will pop along at some point and advise you on diet. I eat quite a lot if meat!

Good luck on your journey!
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hi hun.
its like looking into a mirror reading your diary. im 25 and have a nearly 3 year old and i was the same. lost 5 stone fell preg put no weight on, had ry and bang!!!! 6 stone in 3 years and it was my fault the more i grow the more i hated myself so the more i ate.
i've been on zenical for a month now and have lost12 pounds its easy once you get into it. the best adive i got was to join fitness pal and do a day to day diary as it adds up all your cal and g of fat its great. u can put it on ur phone for free if u have an iphone.
dont under eat also and i did and didnt lose one week.
good luck chick and we'll be it together x x x

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