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*JenJen's* Back on the wagon before I'm ofski to Australia!!!


I will do this...
Well I'm thinking that a diary is a way for me to keep on track, motivation and to look back on.

So today is day 3... Wednesday was start day and it wasn't too bad - liked the strawberry milkshake, the veg soup and the toffee bar. I always think that the first day is not too bad because I get all boyed up and ready to go. And it was as I expected - just a lot of questions from friends thinking that I would be finding it tough. The only thing I found tough was the questions asking if I was alright lol.

Yesterday was a little bit harder - I found the morning the hardest, I felt quite hungry. I split yesterday up - half a bar at 10 then a shake at 12.00 and then a soup at 5is (I have a cup of boullion at 3 which I pretend is soup) and then the rest of the bar at 8ish and have just over 3 litres of water (and a can or bottle of coke zero). I found this worked quite well for me and I perked up a bit after my cup of boullion.

Today was different again from yesterday... I felt absolutley fine and I didn't want to demolish my bar in the morning... Felt awful after my shake and perked myself up abit after my boullion and coke zero. Incidently my shake - chococlate - oh word, what a horrible smell comes from it - like damp! Not the worst taste but the smell was hideous. Oh well - I just had to drink it awfully quickly.

When I got in from work I've found myself ravenous - I filled up my water bottles and put them in the fridge and instantly wanted to eat the contents when faced with looking in it. I actually had a cupcake (with pink frosting) craving as soon as I walked in the door so I knew that I was in for a bit of a tough time. It was the block of cheese in the fridge that really winked its eye at me whilst whispering sweet nothings to me. But I slammed the door shut on that block of cheese, grabbed a bottle of water and put a glass of coke zero in the freezer so that I can treat myself to a slush/icey thingy. Ha - screw you cheese and cupcakes!

So here I am, sat at the lap top with a bottle of water and I'm feeling a lot better. The odd grumble or two from the stomach but nothing I can't handle.

Anyhoo, if I feel the hunger pangs coming along I might log back on and add to this diary because I know that keeping my mind busy will be the key to keeping myself on track :D
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Well done you for resisting - and what an excellent idea with the coke and ice - might do some cubes and put some cans in the fridge in preparation for day 1 tomorrow. Keep it strong and heres hoping I can follow your lead!
Hi Jen I'm starting again tomorrow! Ur doing amazing, I'm dreading the first few days but you seem to be handling the cravings really well! Keep at it and will be joining you tomorrow x


I will do this...
Hey ladies! How are you finding today? Hope everything is going well for you.

Well I woke up this morning feeling hungry and I though oh no, what with last night this going to be a tough one. It faded though. I took OH to go and get shopping - he felt bad, thinking it would be hard for me to walk around a shop but I actually felt fine. It just felt a bit weird knowing that I couldn't have anything there lol... Well, anything food related - I'm going to buy myself a DVD to treat myself when we go from now on. :D

So I've had a busy morning/afternoon and I came home. I've only had a shake so far today. I sat down to watch the TV and I'm absolutely freezing - soooo cold. I decided out of interest to check if I was in ketosis. I checked on Thursday night - I got them on Thursday and I just wanted to try it even though I knew it would be too early. It showed I wasn't. Well, this afternoon showed pink - wayhay! I do actually feel better this afternoon - I don't feel hungry.

So here I am sitting in a big fluffy housecoat over my clothes with the heating on - what a sight I must say lol.

I'm looking forward to a little easier night tonight than last night - it was hard.

I think the thing that I need to now fight is how sometimes I start thinking about random food - why is that? I just start daydreaming about cupcakes and cheese and sandwiches??? It's like I'm determined to torture myself. It's not even foods that I eat on a regular basis (well, cheese is but the other foods). I'm not going to type about it from now on though because its giving my imagination a chance to think about it even more. And the last thing I'm going to say on it (hopefully) is that it doesn't make me hungry it just makes me want it... Whats that all about lol.
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Lol I watch all food programmes on the diet! Rather think about it than eat it. Ur doing amazing, know what you mean about being freezing. I'm the same. Haven't actually started yet, Monday's the day! Hope tonight's ok.
Well done for getting through the shopping, you're doing so great already
Hey Jen good luck, you're doing so well, first week is the hardest, then you'll be in cruise control :)

Interesting what you say about wanting something but not feeling hungry for it, one of the main things i've learnt so far since i started is exactly that, the difference between craving a food for the experience of eating it, and actually being hungry, they're two pretty different things aren't they!

Looking forward to seeing your first weigh in post :)


I will do this...
Morning everyone - thank you for your kind messages of support!

Well today is OH's birthday and I've watched the household scoff down lovely sausages whilst I stuck to a nice cup of peppermint tea - but I didn't want one. Ketosis is great :D I really am cold though. And I'm so glad that Air-Lift spray whilst getting ketosticks from the chemist. Its really good - it instantly gets rid of the bad breath. Even states on the back it get rids of the bad breath you get with special diets. So I'm sorted and it means that I can give the OH a birthday kiss lol.

I even got him a birthday cake - I mean, I know its my favourite kind (a madeira, butter icing number) but its his favourite kind too and I can't deprive him on his birthday. *polishes halo* But its not really bothering me - there will be plenty other times to eat cake when I've got to a reasonable weight and I can control myself and have a sensible balanced diet.

This site is great - I've been pointed in the direction of some water flavours so now I can get some help with all this water I have to drink - I drank 4litres yesterday... way to go me!
Wow, you really do need to polish that Halo, I have 2 birthdays this month (dh & dd3, 2 days apart) and I hope I'm as strong. Well done for getting through today. Going to look up the air-lift spray.


I will do this...
I'm sure you will get through it fine. Just remember it's just this once for each bday. It's what kept me strong.

The air-lift spray is just a mint breath spray - tastes nice and takes away the funny taste in your mouth - works straight away. I got it at the chemist x


I will do this...
Well today is WI day and... drum roll please... 12lbs are off! I'm now down to the next stone category after my first week and I'm super chuffed!

Yesterday was a little tough - thinking about foods again... This is all emotional and I think its definitely something I need to tackle for when I reach maintenance stage. I heard of a book on one of the other posts that I think I'm going to read which will help me address my emotional issues surrounding food. But I think Exante is great because I'm taking a break from food and it will give me time to fix these issues.
Jen that's an absolutely brilliant start, what a bonus to lose that much. Here's to the next 7 days, you're doing great.


I will do this...
Thank you :D

I'm having a tough night :(

I'm hungry - I know I'm in ketosis and I think its down to the fact that any prior diet I've ever done I've always treated myself to something special food wise whenever I've lost but of course it doesn't work like that on this diet - I think its learned behaviour.

I'm feeling a bit miserable really :( Who woulda thunk it eh on WI day with a great loss lol...

Tomorrow is another day though - I've been 100% and I'm not giving in now.


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jen - im on LT but follow some posts on Exante and its so similar. Im on day 8 now having lost 10lb in the first week but last night was awful. I felt so tired and weak and honestly wanted to cave and eat the contents of the house. Instead i had a black tea with 4... yes 4 sweeteners in it which picked me up a lot. It was the lesser of 2 evils. Eat crap or have 4 sweeteners with 0 cals and 0 carbs content!!!
I just went and had an early night and felt really proud of myself this morning for not giving into those cravings last night.
Well done for getting this far, you can do it and you will feel better after having done it at 100%

Good luck!!!


I will do this...
Thanks for your messages.

I'm feeling better today - I knew it would pass but needed somewhere to vent, to let it out.

Thanks again


I will do this...
Well... I've got a few spare minutes whilst I'm having my, eherm, "hot chocolate" (the only way that I can tolerate the chocolate shake because of the smell) so I thought I would update my diary with my musing from the last few days.

Well, totally over the moon with my loss on Wednesday - 12lbs is great. Did a sneaky peak yesterday and I had lost a further 2lbs so thats a stone in 8 days so I'm very, very chuffed.

So I want to write some goals. What I want to be at:-

1. Easter (well WI on 27 April): - loose 28lbs (19st 8lbs, 274lbs)
2. May (WI 25 May): - loose 14lbs (18st 8lbs, 260lbs)
3. June (WI 22 May): - loose 14lbs (17st 8lbs 246lbs)

Well there's a few things that I want out of this journey.

1. To get my BMI to 35 for fertility treatment
2. To look better on my wedding day
3. To get to a normal weight for my height at 12 stone which is a loss in total of 12 stone... I already lost just under a stone and a half just by cutting out rubbish in the few weeks before my holidays at the start of Feb and I've now lost a stone in 8 days so that aint too shabby. I've 9stones and 8lbs to loose - I'm under that 10 stone loss mark which seems to help mentally.

I'm going to reassess my goals at the end of June - 16 weeks away and 16 WI's. I think its all do-able, a stone a month.
You have done well jenjen to lose 14 lb and fertility treatment is a good incentive. Hope it goes well for you. A stone a month is doable on a vlcd. Good luck with your journey. I finally start tomorrow at long last. Not looking forward to the days leading up to ketosis though. And hope I don't always feel hungry. Haha


I will do this...

I had it in my head that the first few days before ketosis was going to be hell, that I would want to eat the whole house, have a headache from hell and be bad tempered.

TBH though I think that I prepared myself for the worst and the reality wasn't as bad as what I prepared myself for.

I like to be super organized and I just made sure that I had plenty of water, I got a breath freshner from the chemist called Air-Lift so that I wasn't self conscience when Ketosis did come along and gave me the bad breath and I picked up ketosticks whilst there. I had a headache but paracetamol fixed that out.

I made sure that I had coping strategies - the net, here, books and DVDs to keep me occupied.

Good luck - keep us posted. I bet you do grand. x
Thanks Jen hope it's like that for me. I will get a good book to read and magazines. Which chemist did you get Air fresh spray from. Can you get it anywhere in any chemist like boots? x

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