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jennifer hudson the new face of weight watchers US

do any of you get the weight watchers mag? in this issue theres a fantastic interview with the lovely jennifer hudson (singer/actor), she has always been a big girl, and has always been extreemly beautiful, but recently she revealed her new fugure-she looks amazing!!! she has pulled herself through alot-the murder of her family members, and then becoming a young mum, and has decided to do something possitive about her weight. she puts all of her sucess down to the weight watchers points plan.
i think its so great that she has set a good, and very healthy example to her fans world wide, instead of starving herself stupid like some celebrities, and looking guant and disheveled, she looks happy and healthy! she also gives her own favourite tips and foods! :D
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ano i thought this was really good aswel. considering that we see most celebs living on steamed fish and veg and looking like sticks its very refreshing to see a real woman with real life problems using weight watchers. she truly is an inspiration x
I read it last night and was very impressed with her attitude to her weight loss. She must live in a world full of skinny size zero's and the temptation to go on one of those ridiculous fad diets must have been hard to resist. She's a great advert and absolutely stunning! Can you imagine sitting in your WW meeting and someone like Jennifer Hudson walked in and joined? It'd be really weird to have someone famous sitting next to me - think I'd be starstruck!!!! I wish David Beckham would join my group - I'd definitely help him lose a few lbs!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!
:8855: Antonio Banderas, jason stratham, and brad pitt are more than welcome to join me too! lol

the pressure she must be under in her industry to eat a lettuce leaf a day, or to work out for 6hours a day like some do-how brilliant that she has chosen a diet that is easy, healhty, and teaches life long habbits-and sets a fantastic example to both america and her fans all over the world. its so refreshing to see that she hasnt followed the celebrity trend of having a personal chef to cook for her, or used drugs to help keep her weight down, or had weight loss surgery.
:8855: Antonio Banderas, jason stratham, and brad pitt are more than welcome to join me too!
All of the above!!!!! I'd even consider sitting next to Jared Leto, Orlando Bloom, Russell Crowe (as long as he was dressed as a gladiator) or George Clooney!!!! Nom, nom, nom!!!! :banana dancer:
particularly loving the dance wanabee!
Thats what I'd be doing if I was standing in front of any of them! I'd have to be careful not to take an eye or two out with my boobies though!!!!!

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