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  1. JennyL

    JennyL Full Member

    Breakfast - Bowl of grapes, strawberries and raspberries 110 cals

    Lunch - 2 slices of toast with baked beans 354 cals

    Dinner will be Quorn fillet, broccoli, carrot, stuffing, roast potatoes and yorkshire puds 593 cals...eek

    Snack will be Jaffa cake bar - 96

    Round about 1200 cals today so not bad

    Have also done 300 steps on my aerobic stepper and will do at least one 10 min aerobic workout later.
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  3. The Moog

    The Moog Silver Member

    Sounds like a good day to me. Haven't had quorn in ages - might be time to get some :)
  4. JennyL

    JennyL Full Member

    Hi The Moog, thanks for reading.

    I know Quorn upsets some people's stomach but I find it very filling and it is usually less calories than meat products.
  5. LilEm

    LilEm Full Member

    Your meals look lovely, keep up the good work!x
  6. JennyL

    JennyL Full Member

    Thanks LilEm
  7. JennyL

    JennyL Full Member

    Had some pizza today so about 1300 cals in total today.
  8. JennyL

    JennyL Full Member

    First weigh-in...3lb loss...yay!
  9. LilEm

    LilEm Full Member

    Well done, keep it up :) x
  10. JennyL

    JennyL Full Member

    Thank you x
  11. JennyL

    JennyL Full Member


    Breakfast- bowl of fruit salad

    Lunch - Bowl of vegetable soup and a banana

    Dinner will be - baked beans on ww toast

    Snack - ww carrot cake slice

    Total round about 1100 cals
  12. JennyL

    JennyL Full Member

    Argh I slipped over the weekend. Not sure how bad, probably not really really bad but I haven't made as good choices as earlier in the week.

    Have still recorded a 3lb loss though so that should spur me on.
  13. JennyL

    JennyL Full Member

    Feeling frustrated today. I'm going out to dinner with some old work colleagues at the weekend and nothing I have looks good. I tend to carry my weight around my hips anyway but since having my daughter my stomach hasn't shrunk so I have horrible saddlebags. I have a size 16 dress which fits but I look pregnant in it so will end up wearing size 20 jeans and a size 18 top. It annoys me that smaller clothes ''fit'' but don't look right and I'm worried that even if I lose the weight I'll still have a big stomach.

    Anyway moan over!
  14. JennyL

    JennyL Full Member

    Breakfast - ww toast - 150 cals

    Lunch - banana and raspberries - 100 cals

    Snack - pack of mini party rings - 121 cals

    Dinner - Quorn fillet, broccoli, carrot, stuffing, roast potatoes and yorkshire puds 593 cals

    So round about 1000 cals

    A few cups of tea should get me up to 1200 haha
  15. JennyL

    JennyL Full Member

    Did 20 mins of upper body exercise. Just using soup cans for now though! :D
  16. JennyL

    JennyL Full Member

    Had a bad week. I've not been well and have been making bad choices. I've now had 2 weeks of being the same weight. Luckily I lost 6lb in my first 2 weeks so no loss for the last 2 weeks has not been as bad as it could.

    I'm going to start again tomorrow!
  17. LilEm

    LilEm Full Member

    Go for it Jenny!! Good luck :) x
  18. JennyL

    JennyL Full Member

    Well I fell off the bandwagon and gained back the 7lbs I lost but I'm back! This time I'll do it!

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