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Jewellery Making


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wow, I would like to have a go at making jewellery, yours are fantastic, do you need a studio to make them?


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Thanks, nope I normally just play around whilst watching tv - be aware though, this is a very addictive hobby lol.


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I've been busy updating tonight - let me know what you think x


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I just looked at your web site the jewellery you make is lovely . I bought a load of things from eBay to start making things for myself and my daughter but I haven't started it yet . I must give it a go now seeing yours .
Good luck and take care .
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Nice site.

I make jewellery semi professionally, By that I mean I have a range of bridal jewels, tiaras and pins stocked by my local bridal wear shop.

One thing I have learned is jewellery online is very competitive. you need to find a unique point and market it to death. I am still trying to crack online sales after many months. Pictures seem to be everything, try and photograph your earings on a plain background. black card often works well. you may be surprised by the diffrence.

I know it's a diffrent genre to you but if i can help with anything please give me a shout.


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Thank you so much. I'm trying a few different avenues for marketing and hope to get enough sales each month to cover the website hosting costs which are pretty minimal at £10. I have started photographing the earrings differently - funnily enough I never thought of laying them flat lol x


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I also make jewellery but using mainly gemsstone beads and stones. I have never tried to sell on line as I've seen so many others who do it but very few seem to make many sales and also people like to handle jewellery especially gemstones. I sell at craft fairs (even those have a glut of jewellers!!!) one of which I run to ensure I get a table. I've also spread my wings a bit and speak about gemstones at WI or church groups usually in the autumn and then sell jewellery as well and have also do basic jewellery making at a local craft workshop. I really just do it for fun as its so relaxing and I love all the differennt colours.


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You have some lovely pieces, Sandrah, especially your earrings. I only dabble myself - like you said, it's an addictive and very therapeutic hobby when you need something to fill fidgety hands. What I really love doing is mosaic type work, though. And ornamenting ordinary everyday stuff with beads and gemstones, shells and bits of wood, glass, fabric, pretty much anything pretty that I've collected... I'm a total magpie. Mirrors are very fun to do, I have a huge project at the moment, it'll probably be a christmas present for my mum, but I'm putting together a frame for a full length mirror I picked up in Ikea. Should take me a good few months, but it's satisfying work. Highly recommend it for a change sometime!
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I have recently made myself some bracelets and necklaces, mainly due to the fact that high street jewellery is too tight.

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