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Cruise PV Jezz's Journey

Morning all, well we started cruise yesterday :D i didnt think i'd make it as i really really wanted some chocolate on friday! i just got fed up of chicken and tuna lol

I was reallly looking forward to some veggies and planned a tuna salad for lunch and roast beef and roast veg for tea. As it turned out we were in and out that much we only ended up with a yoghurt about 3pm and then the beef at 7pm.

I did make some of the sponge cake on the recipe thread but made them into muffns instead so we had one of those later.

I also tried the breadmaker bread but not sure if it went wrong! the crust was nice but the bread itself was only about an inch high!! My partner had 2 small slices later on with the rest of the roast beef and said it was nice enough but i may have another go. I also had some SF jelly which was yummy!

Plan today is to make some breakfast biscuits and some more cake but with different flavourings this time, we're going for some coffee and some ginger

Anyway 5lb down plenty more to go! :cry:

forgot to say i made some celeriac mash with tea and had a bit of disaster! There were some very hard bits in it like hard pieces of gel or plastic, they were very sharp and we couldnt figure it out. Then all of a sudden we both at the same time went OMG i know what it is! we'd bought a new hand blender and i'd used it to mash the ceriac and not taken off the plastic cover that was over the blades so it had mashed in with the veg pmsl :eek::eek:
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** Chief WITCH **
i just got fed up of chicken and tuna lol

I was reallly looking forward to some veggies and planned a tuna salad for lunch
That made me smile... you're sick of chicken and tuna so what do you plan for your first meal with salad? TUNA! DUH!

Definitely try to vary as much as you can. Even if you end up (like me) alternating four meals pretty much over the lunches and seven over the dinners. As you said, you're in this for the long haul so you need to stay motivated and interested in what you're eating.

As for the plastic bits in your celeriac, YUM! ;)

Remember, when using your oatbran for things like cake and/or bread that you need to eat enough to include your daily allowance (and no more!)

Keep it up!
hiya, yes we're very careful to make sure all oatbran is counted so we are now having only 2 tblspns i try to make the cakes in exact portions so it easy to see how much is in each.

Yea i know tuna again! but i love tuna salad! i did have one today but it wasnt very nice :( i didnt lke the lettuce i bought and the mayo i made split! id made it with mostly fromage frais but added a dollop of quark to thicken it up but the quark stayed on the tuna and the fromage frais sunk to the bottom so the tuna was very dry and hard to swallow! i have a very dry mouth so this doesnt help!

oh well onwards and upwards. We have chicken :)rolleyes:) with mushrooms and tarragon for tea and o/h has requested more celeriac mash minus the plastic lol
well we've completed just over a week of cruise and its all going well. Except Steve has lost twice as much weight as me :mad: he has now lost exactly 1stone in 2weeks!

My mind has come round to the idea that my dinner plate doesnt have to have meat veg and carbs on it to be filling and appertising. We have tried loads and loads of new recipes with the very clear winner so far of butternut squash soup!

Some of the baking is not going well! i have tried the breadmaker bread and it was only an inch high when it was done! some of the cakes all come out the same very flat with a sloppy omellet like middle.

I did a fantastic batch of muffins last w/e which were yummy but im buggered if i can get them the same again! We're still not keen on galettes and prefer our oatbran either in yoghurt or made into porridge.

Lunches im still struggling with a little. I work in an office and have been taking either tuna salad on pv day or ham, cottage cheese chicken and a mini quiche on pp day but getting bored of it now. I dont like fish (except tuna) so im a little stuck for ideas

So onwards we go there are many many many etc etc weeks to go!


** Chief WITCH **
For lunch, perhaps have a go at a meat loaf... (either low fat beef or turkey mince with spices, FF fromage frais, maybe egg to bind). Beef luc lac is a favourite for PP days too. Check out our recipe thread.

Do you like salmon? I regularly make myself a piece of salmon with some prawns and a runny egg for a PP lunch in the office.

Very soon, eating food without accompanyment becomes second nature and today - with salad with my PP bits - I felt I'd had too much to eat!

Try small plates too on PP days to save your eyes seeing the emptyness!
Hiya, the meatloaf sounds good i'll give that a try. Nope i don't like salmon, i only like tinned tuna and cod and only that when it has some kind of sauce on it! im a picky bugger lol
i keep forgetting to update this diary :eek:

well another week on cruise over and a 3.5lb loss. I am more than happy with this and hope it continues at this rate!

We are pretty settled in with food now and i have been experimenting with dishes and snacks. I was getting very fed up of mince and chicken though (i dont like fish) but i've got over it now. I had to look at how much i am losing and how quickly. I also relised that before even starting the diet our weekly shopping consisted of mainly chicken and mince anyway! lol i do miss lamb though and some pork would be nice for a bit of a change.

I did make some of the dukan bread this week and its a MASSIVE hit! there is more wheatbran in than advised but it has helped massively with 'transit' issues! :eek::eek:

My o/h is now half way to losing the 3stone he wanted to which is very very annoying :mad::cry: and he doesnt want to do consolidation. I have tried to talk him into it but he says he'll manage eating normally but cutting down on sugar and fats. It is his very first diet so he doesnt yet understand how easy it is to put weight back on once you have lost some so maybe he will have to find out the hard way.

One thing i have noticed this past week is our apetites have decreased quite a lot. We are/were both big snackers but yesterday, for example, all i had was some butternut squash soup, dukan bread with ham, tomato and 1 laughing cow cheese and a yoghurt. The bread really does fill you up!

Anyway on week 5 now and hoping for another 3.5lb loss this week, fingers crossed!!


** Chief WITCH **
Fabulous post, and it's great to hear you sounding so enthusiastic. Just one word of caution on the wheatbran, which I too love for its nutty taste and it's helpful assistance with transit - it is quite carby, so try to stick to the allowance for fear of coming out of ketosis on a veg day, for instance.

Men do get on well with this diet :D
Thanks for that. I did wonder what would happen if we had more than the allowance of wheatbran! wil stick to a couple of slices of the bread a couple of times a week i think. I managed to cut it thinely enough that 4 slices gave our daily oatbran allowance but double the wheatbran. Next time i make it i will see if i can half the wheatbran but im nt sure how that will turn out, it might be too wet. i could of course not tell my o/h that just to sabotage him :sign0151: ;)
Another week over and a 4lb loss :D i have been off work all week and was a bit aprehensive of being at home all day with access to food! As it turned out i have eaten far far less than when i am at work! Apart from yesterday i have only been eating tea, no lunch or breakfast. I just lost my appetite. Even yesterday i had 4 small slices of dukan bread (sliced to mean 1 slice is 1/2tbsp of oatbran) with some beef and a muller and i only ate nearly half my tea. This is an enormous change for me!

I made some more bread this week with only 5 tbsps of oatbran instead off the 10 i used last week and it tasted the same! It is very filling and lovely to have a sandwich! We manage to cut it thinly enough to have 4 slices at a time.

I am going out for a meal on tuesday with my friends and this will be the first time ive been out while on the diet. I don't drink anyway so no alcohol is fine. It's a mexican restaurant we'r going to but they do sell steak and chicken so i am going for either chicken breast or steak with veg and hopefully after 5 weeks of dukaning i will have no problem refusing dessert! :cry::sigh:


Gone a bit quiet
Careful you don't lose the balance of protein, tho, as it can drop you out of ketosis and make you binge. Yes, I've had a few days of low appetite, and one of them did lead me to break the diet by suddenly craving starch.
I find prawns and chopped hardboiled egg keep the protein up without making me feel overfed. Or just the prawns.
Hi thanks for that. The tea i ate last night was just chicken in spices and tea's generally are meat heavy. I'm sure i'll be back to eating normally once im back at work on monday :cry::cry::cry:
well another week over and i am gutted to have sts :cry: i really wanted to have lost 2 1/2lbs this week to take me to 1 1/2 stones :cry:

I did go out with my friends on tuesday and had a sirloin steak and a very small salad. it didnt fill me up so had oatbran porridge when i got home lol no one had dessert thank goodness!

We have both got out of the habit of having our oatbran everyday :eek: i'm not sure why tbh, so thats something we need to rectify this week. The bread is still a big hit and ive started to take this to work for my lunch.

I am struggling with things to take for lunch. We usually have chicken or mince for tea so dont want either at lunch time and i am relying more and more on wafer thin ham which i know is not a fantastic idea, but as i dont like fish (except tuna) i struggle to find things to take.

my shopping bill is still far too high and i cant seem to bring it down. we used to spend an average of £260 every 4 weeks but now we spend an average of £360 :mad:
well that's another week over with. i lost 2.5lbs this week which i was pleased with as i was really scared i wasn't going to lose anything again

I have become addicted to the toffee muffins and have them everyday for my breakfast and my after tea snack! i have become resigned to the food im taking for my lunch on pp days now and this is generally 1/2 tub of cottage cheese a yoghurt and some ham and beef. I don't tend to give myself much time for lunch on purpose so i can eat this without thinking about it! lol

I still cant get my shopping bill down from £90 a week :mad:

My friend started Dukan yesterday she has both the diet book and the recipe book and i spent quite a while writing down all the foods/recipes that we have and trying to think what we ate on attack and just what we did with our oatbran! i just cant remember other than some of it in a yoghurt! it seems so long ago!

we also went to see my mum last weekend and shes one of those mums that always has to mention my weight! she didnt know we have been on a diet so we didnt say anything. she said nothing!! it may not be so noticeable on me but on Steve you can really tell his stomach is well on its way to being flat and he has gone from 40" trousers to very nearly 36" and she didnt notice! :mad: it did just make us laugh though

anyway heres to the start of another mince and chicken week lol
wow i didnt realise it was 4 weeks ago since i posted on here!

Well we're still going at it. We are now on to week 12 and i can say hand on my heart swear on children's lives etc etc we haven't cheated once!! Now this i am amazed at!

Today marks the one year anniversary of when my partner had a stroke. He was only 39 and woke up on sunday 18/07/10 not feeling 'quite right'! after sitting by himself for 3 hours and googling his symptoms he finally scared himself enough to come and wake me up! We got to the hospital at 10.10am and hardly got our bums on seats before he was taken in to triage and then straight into see a consultant. at 2pm he was on the stroke ward receiving his treatment. After 5 days in hospital he was home PHEW!! 1 year on and his only lasting symptom is numbness down the left side of his body. He can still use the left side but doesnt feel pain and cant detect changes in temperature. This is a VERY small price to pay!! During his recovery he put on 3.5 stones. This was due to him stopping smoking (also 1 year today!!) as his appetite increased massively.

Anyhow here we are im 2 stones 2.5lbs down he is 3 stone 2lbs down. So onwards and downwards! i have another 3 stones to lose and he would like to lose another 1. I just wish it would hurry up!!! :D:D

edited to add after Steve's stroke i very very badly twisted my ankle in the august, then fell again! doh! then in January i broke my very first bone when i fell THROUGH the pavement breaking my elbow and then 4 weeks later in New York for Steve's 40th i very badly twisted my other elbow when my case fell to one side and i tried to stop it!! What a year!!!


** Chief WITCH **
Gosh what an amazing testimony. Well done to both of you.
Well done, you're doing really well - I agree with the boredom of mince/chicken. Try different spices, makes you think you're having a different meal (sort of). Mince with chinese 5 spice is completely different to mince with chilli powder, and my DH loves chicken thai green curry and would happily have it twice a week. Isn't it annoying how well men do on this diet!! (Obviously, I am pleased m DH has lost so much but wish I lost it as quickly!)
thanks guys :D

CaledoniaDreaming - i am the same, really pleased for him but oh SOOOOO mad lol. I do use lots of spices and i am glad you mentioned the thai green curry because i keep meaning to do it! so thats on my shopping list for this week.

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