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Jillian Michaels 30 day shred DVD

I just wanted to come on and let you all know about this dvd - it's fantastic.

I've never found anything prior to this that I've enjoyed doing at home.

It's only 20 mins a day. It is quite intense but very achievable. I am by no means fit but I managed to get through the first stage without stopping. There are 3 stages in total, with you moving on to the next one as your fitness improves.

I bought this after reading reviews on the internet and I am certainly not disappointed. So if you're looking for something to do at home, I would certainly recommend trying this.

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I have just been posting about this! There is a thread in the Slimming World Teams section about it.

I was just saying I have done it twice and now am in agony. Should I keep doing it and agony will wear off?? Or do I rest.

Have come to conclusion I am going to do it after work as well as I possibly can anyway! and see how it goes.

What level are you on now?
I've only been doing it a for 5 days but am really enjoying it.

It definitely feels like it's working and I must admit it's quite difficult the second/third time you do it, but it does get easier.

I love the fact that it's only 20 mins and is split in to 20 second sections so it doesn't get mundane.

Let me know how you get on - I'm going to go over and read your thread now.

I will do I posted my stats on there on Monday so I could see how much it really works.

I love how it is split into the sections too it seems much more managable when you know you only have to keep doing a few more second of jumping jacks!

Ela ine

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Oh no! Sold out on hmv and tesco.com
I have this dvd but still not even opened it out of its wrapper yet.
I have got to have a go on it soon.
Does it involve many exercises where you have to lay down etc?
I suffer with a bad back so try to avoid anything where I have to do crunches etc.
I have this dvd but still not even opened it out of its wrapper yet.
I have got to have a go on it soon.
Does it involve many exercises where you have to lay down etc?
I suffer with a bad back so try to avoid anything where I have to do crunches etc.
You do a minute of abs exercises in every set in level one anyway. There are 3 sets in each workout. You also lie on floor and do chest flies in one of the strength sets
I've just ordered this from Amazon for £4.99.

I think I am going to want to die as I am obese and desperately unfit but hey.....gotta be worth a shot right?! ;)

Will let you all know how I get on...that's if I can make it to the computer!

Thanks for the tip lovely ladies :D
Oh. My. God.

This came today and I just tried it. I'm ashamed to say I hadn't even made it through the warm ups before I was puffing and panting!

I made it half way through level 1 before I had to stop. I know this is lame but at least I tried! I'll aim to beat it every time I do it.

I don't know about anyone else but I just bought a sports bra which supported me wonderfully up top but unfortunately I have a floppy saggy lower stomach ( a result of a BMI of 35 and 2 c-sections!) that is extremely painful when attempting anything like star jumps! Anyone have any ideas? I've even tried wearing Bridget Jones pants in the past but it still pulls when trying to exercise and the pain really puts me off :(

Still....the DVD itself is very good and seems like a good structured routine. I especially like it when she tells there's only 2 more to go...it really made me want to push myself :)
Star jumps/jumping jacks are impossible for me for same reasons as you MichelinMummy. :rolleyes: These boobs weren't made for jumping. :D Too damn painful.

I always try and do something else if faced with those - is there an alternative which involves keeping both feet firmly on the ground?
Firstly, well done for giving it a go. I have just completed day 3 today and my legs are killing!!!

The best thing you can do if you find jumping jacks painful, is to just adapt the exercise. Instead of jumping, step out to the side with one foot and raise and clap your hands above your head as this will get the blood pumping. As you get fitter you will be able to do this faster and faster and then adapt again.

Keep going, as you'll soon realise that you are doing more and more each day.
This really does get easier day by day. I actually find it enjoyable and as it's split into 30 second stints it's does seem more manageable.

I've attached my measurements (in cm) from day 1 and then day 6 just so you can see that it does actually work.

Day 1

Right Arm 31
Left Arm 29.5
Bust 107
Waist 99
Hips 109
Right Leg 59.5
Left Leg 59.5

Day 6

Right Arm 30
Left Arm 28
Bust 98.5
Waist 88
Hips 104
Right Leg 61
Left Leg 59.5

You will notice that my leg measurements have either stayed the same or increased. I am putting this down to muscle as my legs have really firmed up since doing this and definitely look better.

Got to love Jillian :character00115:

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