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Jinnyfrizz WILL wear white jeans again Diary

Hi everyone,
I wrote a short intro about myself, but it wasn't really terribly inspiring on reflection. I didn't want to rattle on too much as I thought I might put everyone off me and my chattiness...but it seems I did anyhoo :cry:
Ah well, I've had a great time reading everyone else's diaries and my enthusiasm has been growing. Some nights I've been reading until the wee small hours as I want to find out what happened in the end! Fab stuff. Some of you really should be published authors.
I have been a Slimming Worlder since I discovered 16 years ago after the birth of my son that nature had lulled me into a false sense of security over the years my giving me a size 10 figure with little effort involved. I genuinely thought that even though I was stuffing my chops with biscuits and crisps galore, once I had given birth I would magically slip back into my jeans...job done. :eek: What do you mean I've got this weight for keeps?
Well my best friend took me along to SW and the rest, as they say, is history. After I was blessed 2 y ears later with a beautiful daughter, I returned once again to my trusty Red Plan and got the baby weight off again. I thought that'd be it as my marriage sadly ended and I was happy with the 2 kids I had.
After a couple of years of proper depression, I had gained even more than I had with each pregnancy and I felt totally cr*p about every aspect of myself. So I was fat, frumpy and fed up.
I eventually plucked up enough courage to toddle along, incredibly embarrassed, to yet another SW class. I hadn't been feeling too swift for a few months, a series of chest infections that wouldn't clear, but I thought it was probably the fact that I was fat. Everything is because you're fat...right?
As it happens my consultant was also one of my best friends, and when I turned up for the weigh in one morning really wheezing, she begged me to get myself off to the doc right immediately. A couple of months later I was diagnosed with lung cancer and given a pretty scary prognosis. I was on 38....and I had 2 kids....how could I possibly die NOW, I didn't have time for all that! I hope that doesn't sound arrogant, I promised that's not how I roll, it was probably a bit of denial mixed with total terror.
Cutting a long story short, I had a lung removed, radiotherapy and chemo and was blessed with the interim all clear 2 weeks before my 40th birthday.:bliss:
I obviously lost a hell of a lot of weight during my treatment, but that's not really a diet I'd recommend:D Much prefer SW.:D
So, here I am, aged 46 years young and happily married to a wonderful man who adores me as I do him. The kids are happy, he's happy, I'm happy. And now I'm starting to gain a few too many pounds to feel healthy again.
The reason I have told all of my story, is partly because I hope you're all as nosey as I am:D , and partly because I don't want you to think I am some silly woman who's fussing over losing a stone, and who should get a grip. It's more of a worry as I have a lot less puff than before and just an extra stone makes all the difference.
So...here I am on day 3 and feeling happy to be eating 'properly' again. I think keeping a daily diary will help remind myself exactly what I've had and keep me focused.
If you've got this far then thank you for bearing with me....I'll be back later with my first proper daily food log. TTFN.

Jane x
( My name Jinnyfrizz is what my gran used to call me when I was a nipper and I kinda like it:D )
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:sign0007: I didn't post my food diary last night because I decided to use some saved up sins on some yummy red wine and fell asleep lol. Ah well, at least that stopped me munching on something naughty. So to make up for it , this is what I've had today :

Can't eat that early, so just coffee and HEX A milk

Big bowl of salad
Fat free dressing
Chicken legs
Boiled egg
2 Nero skinny cappucinos ( 4 syns )

2 Clementines

Homemade Sweet Potato, Butternut Squash and Quorn Curry

Total Syns - 4

I didn't manage to have my HEX B choice, but think it'll be ok just this once.

I'm pretty happy with how today went:D

Bye for now.

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