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Joe's sauasges online orders


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I'd just order anything which you like the sound of. My C recommends the marinaded meats as well as the sausages.

I'd say stick with the sausages. Marinated meats and syn free burgers you can make yourself much more cheaply, but its much more difficult to make your own proper sausages./

I found the standard pork ones a little bland, and the pork and apple not very appley, and wasnt fussed on the pork and tomato.

My favourites are the Olde English and Cumberland. I've also had the chilli ones which were pretty nice. And I've not had the Garlic and Herb, but people I know have highly recommended them.

Not tried the other flavours, although I did get the sausagemeat and the cocktail sausages at christmas for stuffing balls and sausage wrapped in bacon for christmas dinner - v. nice.


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I'm a bit gutted about the order limit, can't really justify spending £30 on sausages. Heard good things though,
Do you go to group? You can easily get enough orders for free delivery if you get others from your group to get some to make up a bulk order.

I've done this a few times, although I admit I got fed up with it being me doing it all the time, it can be a hassle getting everyone's orders and money so I havent done it for a while.
a lady in my group does the ordering as a consultant can't do it (not allowed to promote things that aren't sw) But everyone knows how much money to bring and that if they don't order they don't get. If anyone forgets then they only do once as they get jealous when the order arrives and is given out! Then at the end of group I have to say and one last thing 'joes sausages' as everyone puts them in the fridge as soon as they've paid for them, the fridge is fuller each month and everyone appears to race to the kitchen lol


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I think its best if you can get the money off people first. the problem is I've done it a couple of times now and havent made people pay upfront - the first time someone new to group ordered stuff and was never seen again (only 2 packs so we managed to offload to others. The next time, someone who i didnt really know ordered loads (about 8 packs) I put the order in but was sweating worrying she wouldnt turn up - thankfully she did.

I'm just waiting to see if someone else volunteers now, because frankly its not worth the hassel - I dont think people appreciate the effort and risk you take in doing these things for people.

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