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Joe's Sausages

Apologies if this has already been covered but does anyone know the pro-points for Joe's Sausages?
It says on their website they've worked it out but it's not endorsed by WW. I've emailed them to add on to the website, as I don't want to eat them and then find out they're really high in points.
Thanks guys :)
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If theyve said what their products work out to be Id trust them. They do SW Syn free stuff and seem to really appreciate the diet market is one that needs tapped into.

If you were working them out yourself it would be on the nutritional value on the site after all so youre trusting them that that aspect is correct soooo the points theyve calculated will be right too :)
Hmmm I've a look on joes website n there doesn't seem to be enough info to work out pp's. There's only cals fat n fibre listed and as u know cals dont feature in pp's calculation but protein and carbs do. I've looked in the ww 'shop' book n basic sausages are 3pps but some others are 5pps.

Tricky. If u get the fat fibre carbs n protein per sausage I can work it out for you. I've been sticking to tesco's reduced fat pork sausages at 2 pp's each.
I'm still trying to find Walls skinless pork chipolatas...love them and would be great if I could eat them on Slimming World without worrying :sigh: x
I ordered from joes a few weeks ago while on slimming world, they were delish! They have all the nutritional values on the packet. I don't have any sausage left but the burgers work out at 4pp each and the chinese chicken at 3pp per breast! Yummy!!
Hi all, tesco do Ww sausages in the fresh section, there are 8 in a pack and they're really tasty. They are a bit on the small side but only 1 pp each, so you can have lots :) sausage sandwich with mushrooms and onions - beaut!

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