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Johnie's Weight loss Diary

Hey there everyone :D

I think thought I'd post this here to document every little thing I do lol

I'll start at the beginning. I'm a 20 year old guy (21 soon enough) and I weigh 17 stone give or take (I fluctuate alot). I have lost weight twice before. When I was 16 I fell in love for the first time. To impressed that guy I wanted to go out with I went from 15st 7 lbs to 13 stone 9 lbs by pretty much starving myself, exercising and eating very little.
Not really good but I looked great hehe

The second time was last september. I went on lipotrim but dropped it after a month because I kept eating. I went from 17stone 10lbs to 16stone 4lbs.

Since then I've gained 10lbs which isnt too bad (I've heard horror stories).

But my health has suffered alot these last few months. And I'm convinced its related to my weight. last two times I wanted to loose weight to improve my image, but now I NEED to loose weight before I am seriously seriously ill.

On Wednesday, I found the weeks worth of lipotrim I had and took it that evening on an empty stomach. I havent felt that hungry since then but have had alot of stomach pain and discomfort (I think its related to my digestive problems last few weeks, but I think the lipotrim is helping to even things out now).

I am now at the end of day three and feeling nauseous but determined :)

I shall check in every day or two from now on I'm sure :D
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I have no idea what lipotrim is but it seems to me that you may be going about things the wrong way, you've said it youself, the whole starving yourself thing didnt work. From what I've come to understand is that to have an ongoing and sustainable weightloss you need to be eating healthily alongside doing exercise. There are all kinds of calorie negative foods, (pretty much all fruit and veg) that are filling but help you lose weight.
I'm by no means an expert though.
Good luck with everything though, I really do wish you the very best!
Lol I understand where you're coming from but the truth is theres always going to be people who think lipotrim is the way for them and others who things its awful. In all honesty, the choice is Do lipotrim and loose weight or dnt do lipotrim and stay morbidly obese forever because nothing else will do it for me.

I may switch to the be-yu diet but for the moment lipotrim has worked in the past even though my attitude was completely wrong then. This time I will stick to it and i will succeed :D:D
Hi Johnie, ive done Lipotrim before and I lost 4 1/2 stone nearly two years ago, ive since put half of that back on. Ive tried doing it since lost a stone then gave up on several ocassions. However! Im starting again tomorrow and im determined to succeed this time! so good luck to us both! x


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Yeh fair enough, good luck luv! I'm sure that if you're head's int he right place then the rest will follow :)
I think its all about our attitude to food. I know when i go out for a sunday carvery I feel its 'special' so i'll get the soup, the full portion dinner and the dessert. I should really be just having the soupe and a half portion. Im determined to loose the excess weight I have and get healthy, but Im just as determined to stay that way and also change the way i see food. I enjoy tasty food, but its no reason to over indulge. I fully intend to cut out 'bad' foods and only eat light, low carb, healthy food (Chicken salad seems like a good start) lol

anyways **rant over.... blushes**

Has anyone found they get ill easier on lipotrim? :(


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i've never been on any weight loss programme so i cant comment on them, but ive lost 4 stone through exercise and healthy eating so it can be done, its just about training your mind and body in to not wanting to eat lots of fatty foods all the time.

Good luck x
i've never been on any weight loss programme so i cant comment on them, but ive lost 4 stone through exercise and healthy eating so it can be done, its just about training your mind and body in to not wanting to eat lots of fatty foods all the time.

Good luck x
Yeah, I think I'll be switching to small portions and healthy eating after two months on the lipotrim. Maybe the slim fast diet as maintainance? Or perhaps I'll change to the Be-yu diet after 2 months. We'll see how it goes...
Day 4:

I am having a shitty day lol

I am here with my family, they're eating a nice dinner (which I dnt actually mind) but I have tonsillits :jelous: so I find it hard to drink water, drink the lipotrim, etc.

I am going to fast for the day, simply because I have no choice :(

Anyways..... Could really use a hug lol

~J xx


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Aw bless ya huni. Think you could try a fruit smoothie or something? Apple juice and some tinned peaches blended together is pretty good, and you can make it quite thin so it's easy to swallow.
No because the lipotrim is a Total Food Replacement :(

I'll have a look at a few multi vitamins and if they have no citric acid I'll take some.


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Total food replacement? Seriously? Sod that, lol. Bless, yeh vitamins are probably a good plan.
Try n get some rest, hope you feel better soon.
Just took some multivitamins and I had some egg lol (I know I shouldnt have eaten) But theres only 107 calories, no carbs and nothing that I can think of that would take me out of ketosis (I'll test myself for ketones later on tonight). My goal shall have to wait....


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I'm not familiar with lipotrim either but best of luck to you, I hope you're feeling better soon.
Well I am still determined to stick to the diet. I'm annoyed I ate today and that cant happen again if I'm ill or not.


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Full respect to you because i couldnt not eat in a million years!

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