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Johnson up day down day diet!


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Teehe. Think I've given you my opinion already :D

I know a fair bit about the diet now, so any questions?...(as long as it doesn't get too technical!):p


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Many of us seem to have been following a one day on, one day off diet for a very long time without realising it!

Makes sense mind you, but not if you yearn for ketosis. Then again, your 'higher calorie intake' day could be protein only...

They say that higher/lower calorie days prevent the metabolism from slowing. It's gotta be worth a try if you can't stick to anything else!
It's very interesting, I may follow the principles for maintenance and possibly to lose a few pounds after hols, certainly worth thinking about.


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I know a number of people who are doing this diet (on the internet..not personally)

I don't know enough about sert1 to comment on those benefits, but apart from that I see a number of pros and cons.

Easy for someone who has done a VLCD. Doing a day of 500 cals is cinch;)
It's easy to work into your life. You can plan your UD (up days) to suit your social life. Eat what you want when you go out without a thought.
Nobody outside your family need to know you're doing it, unless they see you daily at mealtimes.
Good for those 'all or nothing' people if they are happy to stay in the 'all or nothing' way of eating.
Most people seem to lose weight on it and consider it a really easy diet to do.

Certainly not suitable IMO for someone who binges. Though people report that at the beginning of the diet they tended to binge on their UDs most seem to go back to eating normally. I think a real binger would continue to binge throughout the UD's of the diet.
Though they say this is a natural way to eat, I don't think its really natural in the western world in the 21 century.

You could say that our bodies are the same, regardless of what century we are living in, but our way of life means we need fuel on a daily basis. Our ancestors probably had many more days of rest, punctuated by lots of exercise chasing those buffaloes for dinner;)
It would be tempting to eat unheathily on your UDs and leave yourself short of nutrients. You should still need to eat healthily on your UD, though from what I gather, they say you eat what you want.

Having said that, I haven't read the book and I guess many people doing this diet haven't either. The book may recommend eating certain food groups on the UD's.

They do suggest you have a protein drink on your DD's, but I think it's mainly to do with have something that will leave you feeling less hungry, that is pre calorie counted to reduce errors with estimating

The emphasis is on making that DD under 500 cals and you have to be strict with that. Your UDs can be what they like.

I think the diet needs doing with care. It's not going to help you with any eating disorders:sigh:

Having said that, it would suit some people who could do it sensibly. Especially in the short term. Perhaps after a holiday or Christmas, if you are keen to lose those pounds earlier than April:rolleyes:
Thanks everyone! I think it's true about the binging issue, i suspect i would binge on the UD's too. However, i think it maybe a good diet to do after xmas purely because i cant stand the ketosis cold at that time of year!


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There's a load on the traineo community:)


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I try to keep an open mind over these different types of diets. I'm also very cynical by nature:eek:

I feel sure you would be dead against this way of losing weight Andi?

Would be interested to know your thoughts though:)
I'm liking your thoughts there Karion, and very much agree with them especially that someone who has a binge problem, or isn't very well informed/knowledgable about nutrition and making good food choices wouldn't be so well suited.

I particularly like the idea of doing it to shift a few excess pounds, not sure about it long term, so may give it a go after hols - if necessary of course :p


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Well, speaking as someone who is having REAL trouble getting remotely motivated i have to say I am intrigued. I very definately have up and down days anyway and the idea of doing it in an organised fashion is very interesting. Might have to give it a go!

Love Barb xx
Ooh do let us know how you get on if you do Barb :)


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I have to say that this diet method looks intriguing.

I agree that a dieter with a binge problem would probably consume way too many calories on the 'up' day to hope to compensate on the 'down' day, but otherwise this plan might just work.

I've only just started CD1000 after many months of SS-ing and 790-ing but once I've settled into my new higher calorie regime I might give this a go. However I would not be able to 'eat what I liked' on the 'up' day, because consuming far too many calories is all too easy for me - and for the rest of us, I dare say.
S: 17st4lb C: 16st11lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 43 Loss: 0st7lb(2.89%)
This looks very interesting and I'm seriously considering giving it a go. As a binger I'm thinking it might actually HELP ... this is because I've become an 'all or nothing' person: my binges are often fuelled by the fact I've convinced myself SSing on CD is the ONLY way I can lose weight ... so when I slip even just a little whilst SSing, I go mental and binge before returning to a bout of strict SSing (having my 'All' before returning to my 'nothing'). This is a very self-destructive yo-yo lifestyle I've developed and one I'm keen to break.

Maybe I'll give it a go for a few weeks and see how it goes ...


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I've started. I am doing it and i really hope RD is going to as well. Have started a new thread so you can see how I get on!

Todays a Down Day so here goes!!!
S: 17st4lb C: 16st11lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 43 Loss: 0st7lb(2.89%)
We're both doing it Barb and I'm also starting with a down day.
Watch this space ...


Not dieting ATM!
Hi 'girls'

Haven't done all the reading up on this but I'm certainly interested too. I think it is someone I could do quite easily. As I said I haven't done the reading yet but wondering whether to use Cambridge on the down day if I have a go. Would that be acceptable? What are you doing?

Dizzy x


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Yep, Cambridge would be ideal on the down day. I think Debbie will certainly do that. I will cal count, very strictly, to a maximum of 500 cals on a down day.

I think it sounds really do-able and I am going to give ity 100%!



Not dieting ATM!
Thanks Barb

Will definitely look into it later.

Better get on with clearing up the house after a busy weekend.

Good luck you 2 a fresh new start is so exciting!

Dizzy x

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