Johnsons Holiday Skin!!


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Good Morning All,

You may think this is a bit of a silly question but Im a bit worried! :sign0009:

Johnsons holiday skin has Citric Acid in its ingredients. I know we cant digest anything with this in but does anyone know if it would hurt putting it on ur skin?!! :confused:

Any advice appreciated!!
Thank You
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nearly there!! :)
honestly dont think so chic but im not in any way positive so wait for someone who doesnt know....
would like to know now myself though to cause ive not looked at ingrediet=nts on stuff like that...


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Hehehe - so smearing myself in melted chocolate isn't allowed either?? :p I'm kidding, lol!! FAR too messy ;)

(Look at me lowering the tone, hehe)

No, you'll be fine... but on the subject of build up tan creams, I've discovered one that is fab... but I've forgotten the name! DOH!! One minute, let me google...

Ok, it's NutriSummer by Loreal.. it is made with caffeine in it to tone and firm the skin... it is brilliant... firming lotion and tan in one! Give it a blast if you are worried about that stuff - I alternate using it with Bio Oil, so hopefully my skin won't get any more stretchmarks, sagging :) xx


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Just to confirm - did check this with my LLC (though a little embarrassed asking - is it a silly question???). Anyway, it's fine! Nothing we put on our skin will effect anything! Even chocolate, as long as you resist the urge to lick it off! lol