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Extra Easy Joined slimming world today :)

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by jess_89, 31 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. jess_89

    jess_89 Member

    Hi everyone, After years of no exercise and eating junk food i decided that enough is enough and that i want to loose weight and lead a happier and skinnier life.
    I have a journey to go or a lifetime which ever way you see it and i would like to have the support and encouragment around me so that i succeed in my weight loss.
    I'm not a experienced cook but i do know a few reciepes however would appreciate a few helpful tips along the way.
    I want to loose 4 stone ultimately. How has everybody found slimming world and have you managed to maintain your weight. please tell me your storys :)
    Also with me working odd hours i would be grateful if anybody could help me with some good quick meal ideas for while i'm at work.
    I will hopefully be posting my meals and my weight loss from week to week.
    Hope to hear from you all.
    Jess xx
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  3. Kayte

    Kayte Full Member

  4. jess_89

    jess_89 Member

    Hello :)
    thanks, yeah i go to group but this will help me all week i hope, have you found it easy, have you been posting your food diaries?
  5. Kayte

    Kayte Full Member

  6. missus72

    missus72 Member

    loads of ideas on here and someone always knows the answers to any questions, so I would suggest spending time looking through the posts and GOOD LUCK with your weight loss and healthy lifestyle xx
  7. NLPoynton

    NLPoynton Member

    Welcome Jess!
    I'm a re-joiner after 3 years and it feels like I completely started again!
    SW for me, personally is the only one worth doing. No counting or points.. just eating healthily and you can even have the things you want and not feel guilty for having them!
    I love SW meals.. there are lots of ideas for meals on here :)
    Good luck on your journey!
    N x
  8. jess_89

    jess_89 Member

    hey, thanks for all of your answers :)
    I started my slimming world plan today, and it is much needed after getting weighed yesterday :/ gasp!
    I had a crappy start this morning as i hadn't been shopping so didn't eat anything until 2.30 starving isn't the word!
    but i think over all I've had a good rest of the day.
    Will be posting my food diary in a minute and constructive criticism welcome.
    Thanks Jess xx
  9. BindiRott

    BindiRott Full Member

    Hi Jess and welcome - I'm new too - and looking forward to your food diary :)
  10. jess_89

    jess_89 Member

    Food Diary Day 1

    breakfast/lunch- bannana (superfree)
    lunch-home made vedgetable soup with 170ml gravy 3 syns
    dinner-2 smoked haddock fillets boiled, 2 jacket potatoes oven cooked with fry light. beans and 35g of cheese (HEB)
    Desert- tesco light choices strawberry yoghurt and pear.
    Drinks-coke zero, 4 glasses of water, options belgian chocolate (2 syns)
    Alpen light bar (hea)

    syns-5 :)
  11. mollydog

    mollydog Silver Member

    Welcome, it's very friendly and helpful here.
    I've dieted on and of for pretty much all my adult life (I'm 45 :-() I'm new too and weighed in today after one week and lost 5lbs! I'm delighted, I've been full all week, I've had sooooo many pieces of fruit and veg, ive slept well and had more energy. I've tried 3 SW recipes this week and they are so easy to do and follow so I can recommend the chicken chausseur, beef chilli and baked potato with prawn and seafood dressing. Might be helpful to look at the website for meal ideas then plan your shopping and cooking round that. I've also made soup this week as I can have a big bowl of syn free veg or minestrone for lunch at work with fruit and a muller fat free yogurt.
    Hope you enjoy SW, I certainly am and hoping its a change for life......
    M x
  12. jess_89

    jess_89 Member

    It is all about changing your attitude to food I think, I never want to be this big again, 5 pounds is awesome if I get that next week I will be chuffed, I've got a few to do this week so hopefully they will turn out well diet coke chicken for one, good luck and hope to hear from you again xx
  13. jess_89

    jess_89 Member

    Food diary day 2

    Home made vegetable soup with 1 tbs of gravy ( 1 syn) yoghurt, cup of tea.
    Chicken stir-fry with schezuan chilli sauce ( 3 syns half a packet) lot's of vegetables.
    Onken strawberry yoghurt with bannana.
    pasta and sauce ham and leek made with milk (Hea) Bannana.
  14. jess_89

    jess_89 Member

    I'm going to try and have a better day today, I was out nearly all day yesterday so couldn't make anything when i wanted so i started to feel hungry and faint ( no good)
    So i'm gonna have a full english then i'm going out but i'm going to take something with me and dinner is already planned. With my social life and job slimming world is pretty hard, but i'm going to stick to it for a couple of weeks and see if i can find a happy medium :)
    Jess xx
  15. NLPoynton

    NLPoynton Member

    You can do it Jess! Juggling might be hard to start with but over time, it will become 2nd nature and won't feel like a burden.
    Don't give up!

    N x
  16. jess_89

    jess_89 Member

    Thanks yeah i will give it a few weeks try to become a bit more creative with food as well :)
  17. jess_89

    jess_89 Member

    Didn't post my food diary yesterday but here it is :)

    breakfast- 3 rashers of bacon grilled fat trimmed, 2 eggs, beans and 2 slices of hovis small loaf.

    didn't have time for lunch :/

    dinner- roast dinner, chicken with skin off, mash potato made with flora light ( 3 syns ) mixed vegetables and gravy ( 1 syn)

    Total 4 syns :)
  18. jess_89

    jess_89 Member

    food diary:

    lunch- laughing cow extra light cheese triangles (1/3 hea) *2 2 pieces of hovis wholemeal bread and flora light spread (3 syns) and alpen light bar
    dinner- home made cottage pie made with carrots, peas, onion, pepper and lean mince meat, gravy ( 1 syn) bovril and beef stock, and mashed potatoe with flora light (1 syn) and milk hea)
    syns total-5
  19. jess_89

    jess_89 Member

    hey guys just been to slimming world lost nearly 6lb well happy :) motivation is definitely on :)
  20. diamond5961

    diamond5961 Full Member

    :clap::clap: Well done on the loss ! Lisa x
  21. jess_89

    jess_89 Member

    thanks lisa x

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