Joined the gym today


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went for my weigh in today and my cdc said that she would only be happy for me to carry on with the ss for one more stone (which i am scared about stopping). So i decided to join a gym in anticipation for the food I am gonna have to eat and burn off.

So as a taster i did one of the dances of the strictly come dancing dancercise video (the jive) and i managed it but i did feel a bit dizzy and weak afterwards... this dance was only 10 mins long ????

Do i wait to up the exercise when i start moving up the steps? or do i start to build up my fitness now - im hoping this last stone wont take me too long :)

any advice would be greatly received

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I was advised by my CDC when I start going back to the gym in a week's time to have half a pack before and half a pack after. Plus you can't do exercise that is really strenous because you are not eating enough to support the exercise. I think CD reccommend that you shouldn't start strenous exercise when you are on the diet unless you were doing it before.

I would suggest you get into it lightly, with very light exercise, perhaps a slow cycle on the stationary bikes or a walk on the treadmills then you will know how much you can do before you feel tired.

I will start with an aqua aerobics class when I go back to the gym.

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Ooooh didn't realise there was a Strictly dancercise DVD, is it any good, does it come with a free professional male dancer? ;) Might have to ask Santa to bring me one for Christmas. xx


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unfortunately none of them men do it lol its karen hardy and erin. Yeah its fun 5 dances about 10 mins each so u can do just 1 or them all . Each works on different parts of the body - its dance mixed with aerobics. Did the jive and all i can say is karen can move them legs fast lol