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Joined today

Hey :)

I joined SW today so be prepared for some dumb newbie questions (am working my way through the stickies).

I have managed to find some stuff in the cupboard for lunch and am going shopping this afternoon.

I have 4 weeks before my holiday to give it a good go which will hopefully inspire me to keep on track while away (don't hold out much hope though: France=cheese!!!!!)
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Thanks Donnie :)
Thanks Kaz, Jess, and Kristin! I'm sure I'll be asking a lot of things over the next few weeks :)

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Hi there and welcome! Just ask away!
We all still have the occasional question that has to be asked! Never think a question is stupid, the chances are someone else is thinking it too!!!

Good luck with your journey!

Don't mean to be the voice of doom or anything, but I did the same as you Willowfae. Joined up 4 weeks before my hols intending to continue food optimising for the 2 weeks in Turkey......only to not bother and put 10 pounds on :D

That said, it did mean that I hit the ground running when I got back. Loads of SW food in the freezer, the red and green day plans entrenched in my head, so it was definitely worth doing.

Good luck ;)


Gold Member
Welcome along to this super forum, no question is daft - ask away, one of us will always answer!

Well done on joining SW, better now then when you get back - at least you will lose some before you go on holiday and you may not be as bad as you think while you are away (although I am a night mare on hols!!)
Thanks Mrs V, CazBurt, and Jaylou.

I'm hoping the holiday will be okay. It is the in-laws house so we cater for ourselves and rarely eat out. We BBQ every evening and it is usually meat or fish with a salad.
hi and welcome to the world of slimmers good luck with your weight lose and well done for taking the first step, next one get through the week, wish you all the luck and we are always about to help you out if you want it. dont forget to let us no how your first weigh in goes please?
Thanks Madhousemum and Kelly. I'll definitely report in next week :)
Oooh, exciting just starting out, isn't it, Kelly? :D
Are you the same WillowFae who is on DS? (another forum!) I appreciate it might be a common name, but not sure :D
darn, found out!

Yeah, that's me :D Didn't expect anyone to recognise me as DS is such a huge forum and I don't post THAT much!
darn, found out!

Yeah, that's me :D Didn't expect anyone to recognise me as DS is such a huge forum and I don't post THAT much!

Ahh some names are just familiar - I've been there for 5 years :eek:

There's a SW thread over there too in Advice I think it is.... well worth putting your name down for that one too!
welcome ,I RESTARTED 7wks ago this is afab forum!

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