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Joining gym while SSing

Hello all

I joined the gym tonight. It used to be a big part of my life about 4 years ago, where I went 5 days a week.

I want to be able to do this again (go every night after work) mainly for when I'm maintaining, but I told myself I'd SS up to Christmas. I'm 11lbs from goal.

Should I take it easy in the gym up to Xmas, focus on weight training and do gentle cycles? My CDC says 'do what your body says' but that's never been easy for me!

Is anyone a regular gym goer while SSing, if so how does it feel compared to when you go with normal eating?
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Slimming down the aisle
I went and was absolutely fine. I'm 5ft 9 so had 4 a day, which I think you would too at 5ft 8? I think that helps. If you find that you're a bit weak or whatever, then up it to a SS+ day maybe? But you should be fine, make sure you up your water a bit too.
Hi T430,

I went to gym while ssing, but I eased into it. So, I built up -- the only problem was when I was slacked off on the high level of activity (once I was nolonger ssing) I started to regain weight. So, try not to get to level of exercise that you will be unable to maintain long-term. This time (I am ssing again to take off the nearly 2 stone I gained back) I am going to gradually add exercise, but make in more home-based and workable long-term.

Yeah, I think I'll stick to weight training and just warm up/down with cardio.

I'll increase my cardio when I work up the plans.

To be honest, I wasn't going to join the gym until after Xmas but I did today on a whim and got a great deal.


Winning a losing battle!
I went to the gym while SSing but only to do gentle toning exercises. I did cardio one day and had to go for a sit down in the changing rooms following a 'turn'.

Try and ease yourself in gently or you could end up doing more harm than good.

You're not taking enough calories on SS to do anything hardcore at the gym and you could end up gaining muscle weight or making your body store cals if you're burning so many at the gym.
Lizzylocket, what plan are you on now? I'm curious as we have a similar amount to lose.
How did you find moving up the plans? Did you lose/gain/STS?

Well done on your huge loss btw


Winning a losing battle!
Thank you!

My losses have certainly slowed down and my CDC thinks that because I've been on CD for sooooo long, my metabolism has adjusted. On average, I'm losing 1lb a week on 810 and 1000. My first WI on 1200 is this Friday and I'm not feeling too positive to be honest but I'm sure it'll even out.


Slimming down the aisle
You might be surprised, upping your calorie intae can actually sometimes give bigger losses!
I'd be chuffed with 1lb per week on anything other than SS! I'm not planning to leave SS until I have reached a healthy BMI but that's still 7lbs away and I feel like I'm losing nothing at the moment (even though I'm still chugging away).

Really want to start moving up the plans now (foodwise) but am scared to do it before Christmas.


Winning a losing battle!
It really isn't as bad as you think, I think the fear is worse than the reality to be honest, although, if you can stick to SS until you get to BMI 25, I would.

I wish my losses hadn't stalled as I really wanted to stay on it until goal and then work up the plans after that but as my losses (or lack of) were getting me down on SS it was better to move up the plans rather than just quit altogether!

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