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joining online???

Hi everyone,
I am looking at joining SW on line but can't seem to find all of the answers im looking for before i pay out money. Does anyone know if you get a list of syns, free foods etc when you join on line and do you get the choice of which plab to follow easy day, green day red day etc and how to do it as I have seen the do books but didn't know if the info from the books was online.
Also i have briefly read about slimming world products, bars etc. can someone tell me what they do and how you can buy them and how much they cost etc.

I really want this to work but because of work commitments etc i can't attend the classes

Thanks x
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thankyou ever so much, is it quite straight forward to follow? I might sound stupid but whats Hex? so will i get everything online that you would have access to if you went to a class?


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I do Body Optimise which suits me fine. When you sign up you can access and print / save pdf's with the healthy extras (hex!), syns, super free and free foods which is all the basic info you need to get going. You can also buy the slimming world books if you want to and have access to syns online and the syn calculator. I have however found that the hex lists aren't particularly up to date, in that there is a lot of talk on this site about other cereal bars which are free (for instance). However, you have more than enough to be getting on with and this site is an invaluable source of info from people who get more current details from classes. I signed up at silver level which includes a subscription to the mag which gives details of new free foods / hex's / syn values etc which is also useful. It is a bugbear of mine that even though I pay the same as a member who goes to class the SW website is generally a pretty poor resource and the info is not updated very often (ever?!), but I'd still recommend it!

HTH :)


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I'm a member of the online bodyoptimise site. It talks you through everything - free foods, red and green days, healthy extras, syns. There's an online food diary so you can log down everything you eat, a syn calculator - so if you're unsure about something you can check the syn value before you eat it, a journal so you can keep track of your thoughts. You can download a paper diary sheet so you can print it off and take it with you - and there are printable sheets of free foods/healthy extras etc. You get sent emails to remind you to weigh in once a week and emails to offer encouragement. You probably don't get all the support you get at a group, but it suits me. xxx


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HI, I am a body optimise member too and although all the information is there it is not a brilliant website. I had a good read through everything on there, printed off the pdf files and then came over here and filled in the blanks! I also bought some of the books, the syn free book and low syn snack book are especially useful. I do think it is bad that given the amount of money we pay, the website is not any better but it is the best option for me at the moment. Also, the online food diary is really inflexible - for example you cant select to split your HeXA or B, or for example, if you want half a tablespoon of dressing instead of the full tablespoon you cant do it online. Rather frustrating!


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Don't worry about SW bars there are some much better alternatives and cheaper !!!


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I'm using Body Optimise as well, because I know it works. :D

You get everything on there, it walks you through everything.

You have Superfree foods (lots of veg and fruit, your free foods (depending on what day: Red = Lean Meats, Green = Grains, pulses, potato, pasta. Extra Easy = Lean meats, grains, pulses, potato and pasta!... but with extra easy you have to fill your plate with 1/3 superfree foods!)

You get Healthy Extras (normally abbreviated as HeA, Heb, Hex)

These are 1 - 2 Healthy A choices - protein, calcium. Your milk and cheeses
2 Healthy B choices - Fibre, cereals (if you're doing a red day you can use the B choice on pasta or potatoes. If on a green day you can use the B choice for Lean Meats)

And finally... 15 syns to use on those treats that no other diet will normally allow. CHOCOLATE!


But yes, if you're stuck these lovely ladies and gents are here to help. There's normally some of us always around! :D

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