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JoJo's Food Diary

Saturday July 16th

Breakfast: 3pp
1 x Banana - 0pp
1 x Black coffee - 0pp
2 x Cans of Monster - 3pp

Lunch: 9pp
1 x Seeded Wrap - 5pp2 x Small slices of Peppered Turkey - 3pp
1 x Tbsp of Extra light Mayo - 0pp
Salsa (peppers , chilli , tomato , red onion in Lemon
dressing) and beetroot , carrot in Balsamic dressing -2pp
Rocket - 0pp

Snack: 2pp
1 x WW Blueberry biscuit

Dinner: 11pp
1/4 pack of Noodles - 4pp
Peking chicken pieces - 5pp
Mixed stirfry veg - 0pp
Oil and Soy - 2pp

Gym 45 minutes
30min walk morning
30min walk evening

Used: 25/29pp

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welcomr and good luck ...foods looking good..."peking" chicken pieces...where do you get those jo? they sound delish....keep posting hun x


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Hi Jem how you doing not heard from you for a while depressed today with the weather finding jobs to do to keep me out of fridge lol x


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must look out for it ..... dinner looks lovely.......Boofle I sent you a pm hope your doing well were's this diary of yours???????
Hi Nicola :) ughhhhhhhhh I just found keeping a diary was making me over think everything , and I needed a break I binges the last few days ;( dunno why. I am 1st 1 pound down but it seems like as soon as I feel I'm getting somewhere I self destruct and mess up. But I really want to succeed do I'll just keep getting back on the wagon :)

How are you? Hope you are doing well ? How's your weightloss going?

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Ahh, i know what you mean, you can sometimes over analyse everything and find your constantly thinking about food :( I'm really well thanks, diet going brill, 2lb off the 2stone mark since march! :) Glad to have u back x
Just dropping by, love reading what everyone's eating! Gives me ideas and keeps things going x

Good luck x

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I feel huggggggge today urgh! I gave up smoking after over 18 years of smoking everyday! 8 days ago , I also gave up drinking 2 weeks ago tomorrow.. Ive binged the last three days, this is so difficult. I am due my tim eof month next week too.. I just tried on a top I am bringing back 2moro and I just realised how big I am.. I didnt know I was that big.. It really hit me. Im shocked I let myself get here. New day starting 2moro and I know for a fact by christmas I will be back in a size ten , I genuinely didnt know.. now its time to sort myself out! anyways back to diary noting 2moro xx just venting


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well done on stopping smokin and drinking ..it must be really hard trying to stop both at once ...iv'e tried to stop smoking so many times and will try again...soon I promise..lol..don't know about the wine though hehe x
This is really tough , I've binged solid for the last week , I am undoing all my weightloss ;( I dunno what to do , haven't smoked in 15 days and I haven't drank in 19 days. I don't know If I am binging because I am not smoking or because I am due my periods either way I am fed up

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dont worry Jojo you can get back into it just put the last week behind you and start again ....go girl x

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