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Jolly's Food Diary!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by Jolly81, 26 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Jolly81

    Jolly81 Full Member

    I have a journal, but I want to keep my food diaries separate and therefore easier to read. I'm on day 6 and have been super organised and have cooked so much more than I normally would.

    goal is to lose 5st in a year as we want to try for baby no.2 :)))

    Yesterday's food looked like this:

    2 slices of ww wholemeal (hex b)
    2 poached eggs
    1/2 mullerlight

    Left over chicken thigh fillets in tomato, onion, garlic, mushroom
    spinach and tomato salad

    Syb free BBQ pulled pork with syn free coleslaw
    sweet potato wedges
    spinach and tomato salad

    remaining 1/2 muller light
    1/2 bottle of cava - 13.5 syns
    175ml whole milk (hexa)

    i'll update with today's a little later :))
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  3. jules1981

    jules1981 Silver Member

    Your food sounds yummy hun, are you following EE? xxx
  4. Jolly81

    Jolly81 Full Member

    Yes Jules I'm on EE, although I'm tempted to try. Success express for two days a week. Might see how my weigh in goes tomorrow first!

    Today's menu:

    Poached eggs on toast (heb)
    1/2 mullerlight and blueberries

    Leftover pulled pork
    Syn free coleslaw
    Sweet potato wedges

    Guess what, left over pulled pork again!
    Syn free coleslaw

    1/2 mullerlight
    15g puffed wheat - 3syns

    2 sugars in coffee this morning as I'd run out of sweetener- was disgusting, happy I have sweetener again!!! - 2syns

    175ml whole milk - hea

    Total syns - 5

    Not a lot of variation as I wanted to finish the pork but it was lurvely :)
  5. autumnbabe

    autumnbabe Gold Member

    Hey :) im here to sub. And help if I can x will catch up tommorow x
  6. lauralozzle

    lauralozzle Full Member

    Food sounds lovely. :) Pulled pork, yum. Here to subscribe!
  7. jules1981

    jules1981 Silver Member

    Pulled pork sounds yummy. Sorry what is Success express? Sorry for all the question hun. xxx
  8. Jolly81

    Jolly81 Full Member

    Jules success express is similar to extra easy but you have one third free and two thirds superfree.

    I actually decided against it in the end and have chosen to do a mixture of red, green and extra easy instead :)-)

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