JUDDD - How much & how long did it take you?!

Discussion in 'JUDDD / Intermittent Fasting' started by DQ, 22 October 2009 Social URL.

  1. DQ

    DQ Queen of the Damned

    Exactly as the title says - share here how much weight you have lost following JUDDD and how long it took you! Come on, inspire us all :cool:
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  3. soozsb

    soozsb Xmas goal, here I come!


    Thanks for putting this topic on, I am really looking forward to hearing what people have to say.:D
  4. Stirky7

    Stirky7 Believe!

    I've been on juddd since 3rd September after coming straight off slimfast, so 7 weeks exactly now and lost 9lbs so far. Although haven't weighed in for this week yet so that is 9lb in six weeks (one of those weeks was sts too!).
  5. soozsb

    soozsb Xmas goal, here I come!

    Congratulations Stirky!:)
  6. Carrieblue

    Carrieblue Full Member

    Interesting, any updated info for the girls that do judddd now 2012
  7. bajoleth

    bajoleth Gold Member

    Did Juddd in jan and in 4 weeks lost 13lbs, started again 7 weeks ago and have lost 11lbs (didn't get the first week whoosh as came straight from a vlcd)
  8. roosnanny

    roosnanny Gold Member

    posting to follow. :)
  9. Trefoil

    Trefoil Gold Member

    I started on 27th May and I have lost 14lbs :)

    This plan is amazing!

  10. Carrieblue

    Carrieblue Full Member

    Ok sounds good girls, I've tried to find this diet but no success, what are the rules etc
  11. Trefoil

    Trefoil Gold Member


    If you pop to The UpDayDownDay Diet™ and eResveratrol – Dr. James Johnson – SIRT1 Gene Activation and click on 'Up day down day diet' on the left hand tabs it will give you the information you need and you can also enter your personal information which shows how many calories you would have on a DD and an UP day depending on the amount of exercise in your life!
    Mine sedementary is 424 DD and 2122 UP :)

    Hope that this helps and doesnt confuse lol!!

  12. Want2BeSlim

    Want2BeSlim Gold Member


    anybody else want to post their loss so far on this diet?
  13. Trefoil

    Trefoil Gold Member

    15 in 6 weeks :)

  14. oasis6918

    oasis6918 Gold Member

    That's great, well done x
  15. Trefoil

    Trefoil Gold Member

    Thank You!

    I was thinking actually- I used to follow the pregnancy and SW board, never posted as I'm not pregnant but you were on there weren't you!

  16. oasis6918

    oasis6918 Gold Member

    Yeah I post all the time lol, now that I'm on longer pregnant I have branched out, and can't believe I've never heard of this diet before, just doing slim fast this week to get me in the zone then starting JUDDD next week but I'm going to have to have about 800 cals on a DD, when I lower my cals too much it sets off my migraine's :( so I hope I'll still lose on 800 x
  17. Trefoil

    Trefoil Gold Member

    I get horrific migraines but I haven't actually been too bad- just exhausted sometimes :)

    I couldn't believe I hadn't heard of JUDDD either! It's such a great plan :)

  18. Rocky Road

    Rocky Road Full Member

    I think that you probably will still lose if you maybe don't have as much on the up day perhaps that would work. I am not expert though but it seems plausible.
  19. oasis6918

    oasis6918 Gold Member

    Here's hoping, thanks x
  20. Trefoil

    Trefoil Gold Member

    I agree here- as long as you have around the 800 mark you should do reasonably well :)

    I have 424 on a DD and 2122 on an UP day- the intermediates or in-betweenies are 1200

    im sure youll do well!

  21. oasis6918

    oasis6918 Gold Member

    Thank you x

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