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  1. traceyfizz

    traceyfizz Full Member

    Hi am just wondering does anyone have any thoughts or experience of juddd being more beneficial or easier than vlcd ie shakes , and are losses similar , thanks
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  3. and

    and Silver Member

    I hope someone answers this soon!

    If you look at the VLCD forums you can see dozens of people posting about weight loss...
    This forum hasn't really filled me with much confidence. :(
  4. goose

    goose Silver Member

    Juddd is much more slower weight loss but easier and i guess more maintainable in the long run. You will lose more on a vlcd but it is hardcore!!! And maintains after can be harder i think
  5. weebuns

    weebuns Fasting Rocks

    JUDDD might be a slower rate of weight loss but I don't think there is anything wrong with that. Quicker isn't always better and my results are similar to most other mainstream diets SW, WW etc. It is impossible to compare VLCD and JUDDD like for like as they are totally different. And not everyone who fasts has experience of VLCD...I don't. I would imagine being on a VLCD can greatly restrict your social life whereas with fasting you can easily swap days around to fit in anything. You don't feel deprived because you are only severely restricting calories for a day at a time and the next you can eat at your TDEE and have what you want. Fasting I've found is a sustainable and easy way to lose weight. I didn't put my weight on overnight and I don't think it's fair to expect my body to be happy to lose it overnight. Ultimately it comes down to what suits you best personally, these are only my views and what works for me.
  6. weebuns

    weebuns Fasting Rocks

    I find that quite a blunt statement . The beauty of JUDDD is that you don't need to fast every day so a lot of people don't feel the need to be on every day. There are plenty of JUDDD diaries to get information from. Sorry if the OP didn't get an instant answer but it's the weekend and people do have lives other than Minis....I'm sure that happens too even in the VLCD section.
  7. traceyfizz

    traceyfizz Full Member

    Thanks for your replies I tried vlcd and lasted 4 days felt shocking so maybe juddd would be worth a try
  8. Want2BeSlim

    Want2BeSlim Gold Member

    I wouldn't say the losses are similar, as already mentioned the losses are slower on JUDDDD. They are such completely different plans, on a VLCD you are eating about (depends on brand) 500 calories every day and on Judddd you are eating more like 2000 cals every other day and 300-500 every other day.

    They say the average loss if you stick to a VLCD is about 14 lb a month, that's why we see some people who start at 16 stone for example losing 6 stone in 5-6 months, I doubt anyone has or could lose that amount in the same time frame when doing Judddd. It says on Dr Johnsons website average about 2 lb a week. I lost almost 2 stone on Judddd (25 lb) and that took me about 6 months... yes I did go over quite a few up days but I think at the most me personally would lose about 6-8 lb a month on Judddd if I stuck to my up day calories. So about half the monthly loss compared to if I was doing a VLCD, but in my opinion a VLCD is not easy it takes a lot of will power and is so restrictive. Judddd is soo much easier, but because I still have a lot of weight to lose the weight loss on a VLCD tempts me more somehow, even though I find it such a difficult diet to do.

    ETA: oops it actually says approximately 2.5 lb a week, not 2 like I said above. I'll quote from the website
    Of course everyone is different though. On a VLCD I averaged more 11-12 lb a month compared to a lot who lost 14 sometimes even more than 14.
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  9. weebuns

    weebuns Fasting Rocks

    I've lost 62lbs in 7 months which I don't consider to be slow. That includes family get togethers, the odd total pig out, Christmas, New Year, birthdays and three weeks eating at TDEE due to illness. I know a lot of people want to lose their weight instantly but for me this has been a simple, easy, lifestyle change and I don't even feel like I'm dieting most of the time. I hate the bad press that fasting gets.
  10. Suseka

    Suseka Full Member

    I am about to start on IF as I am so fed up with the years I've wasted yo-yo'ing on diets. I've done SW, WW, Rosemary Conley and many others and a VLCD too. Each served its purpose at the time and in all cases I lost weight, the most dramatic of all when I lost over 4 stone in a relatively short time on the VCLD. It was tough, took real determination and willpower and I did it, but here I am several years later having regained all that weight again and more. I guess that says more about me than it does the diets...but has proven to me that whilst dieting can be successful, maintaining the weight loss is the key.

    So I've embarked on IF, not simply because of its promise of weightloss but more to do with its health benefits and, at least for me, the chance of finding a way of eating for life. As has been said it's down to individual preference but I'm opting for IF and this time I hope its the last time :)
  11. Goldenfemale

    Goldenfemale Member

    I've just started IF on Monday (6days ago) and I have lost 4lbs. No exercise just under 2,000 cals on up day and 500 on down days. I have tried vlcd, ww, SW etc and found it restrictive albeit lost weight on vlcd but always put it back on. Hoping this will be a more life style change and give me the added health benefits. I'm excited and feel I can stick to this more long term. Hopefully all goes well.
  12. Honey-J

    Honey-J Silver Member

    A fab post well done you x

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