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  1. hunca

    hunca Silver Member

    Ive only started today so having my 1st DD. Going to have 2 Slim Fast ready shakes later. I just wondered if anyone follows Slimming World on their UD? I know it says u don't need to worry about what u eat on UD within reason. Any help greatly appreciated. I plan to fast alternate days.

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  3. dyingtobethin102

    dyingtobethin102 Full Member

    Hey hun. How are you getting on? My plan was to follow slimmingworld while doing juddd. It was easier said than done though and so far ive failed. Tomorrows up day I do plan on following slimmingworld though as im finding my losses to be quite slow this week.and am struggling with self control on up days. So in my opinion I think its a great idea x

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  4. hunca

    hunca Silver Member

    Been a very bizarre time. Despite not being 100% sure what I should be doing Ive managed to shift 12lbs :) Really going to knuckle down and try and get a better grip on this. Up days were very much based on SW green plan as Im vegetarian and down days I started off having slim fast drinks during the day but then ate fruit and porridge.
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  5. georginathomas

    georginathomas Silver Member

    Hi cab anyone tell me about this diet pls x
  6. JUDDDgirl

    JUDDDgirl Full Member

    Up day or down, I really don't care what I eat. The worst thing in my opinion is combine it with another plan as it makes things harder. After 6 weeks, the novelty of junk I eat disappears and eat a lot better over time. What I do though is keep a diary, count calories and just be honest with what I eat.

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