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JUDDDs are inspiring me


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I'm been lurking on your forum for a few days. I'd never even heard of JUDDD (which amazes me coz I thought I knew about every diet going :)).

I've been reading the stickys and your posts to get an idea of what the diet is and gotta tell you it sounds great.

So I've made a bit of decision - I'm on CD at the mo and am following it religiously until end of Nov when I go to New York for 5 days (want to shift as much as possible since I intend to do a LOT of clothes shopping). When in NY and when I get back I'm going high protein up until xmas (just to ensure my gly.... what not stores fill up gradually rather than all in one go and don't show a 7lb increase in one week)

Anyway by doing all of this I'm projecting that after xmas I'll only be a few pounds off goal (aim is lose 1 stone before NY and stay the same in Dec whilst carb stores fill up gradually) and this is my danger point - everyone tells me I look great, I feel great and I decide oh a few days off the diet wont matter then I'll concentrate on getting to goal - suddenly I've put on a few pounds and it gets really depressing thinking I'm going to have to diet for longer. So I decide to get myself in gear and diet - this means I enjoy the pre diet week put a bit more on, then don't manage to stick to the diet, enjoy another pre diet week put a bit more on then don't manage to stick to it - think you can see where I'm going. Suddenly I end up 20lbs off goal and beating myself up!!

So the idea of up days and down days sounds perfect for me - I can tell myself I'm not deprived for one day because if I've got a food craving I can have it tomorrow - and often by the next day it's gone anyway.

I know I'm massively ahead of myself because I wont be joining you until 28 Dec but am really excited and can't wait for the next 2 months to whizz by so I can try this new way of eating. It really sounds like something that I could do long term to make sure I get to and stay at goal.

I've ordered the book from Amazon and will be reading up all about it before December

All of that was a very long way of saying thanks for being so open about your JUDDD journeys and how you are finding it - I wanted you to know that you have inspired me and given me hope of being able to stay at goal :)

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Hi Lou and welcome! That's what inspired me to give ADD another go and do it properly this time. I know I can 'diet' for one day.:) I am waiting on the book too and hope postal strikes don't delay it too long.

28 Dec will be here before ya know it. You will have to tell us all about NY, I'd love to visit one day!:D


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Hi Lyn and thanks for the welcome.

Hope the postal strike doesn't delay the book for you too long - I can see you've done really well already losing almost 2 stone - congratulations.

Yes I'm really excited about NY - I've never been either and have got a very busy 5 days planned - can't wait. We're there for thanksgiving which should be really special. To be honest it was exactly what i needed - something to look forward too that I could visualise to help me stick to a diet.

I love the way you put 'diet' in inverted commas because that's exactly how I plan on looking at it - it's a new way of eating not a diet and that triggers something totally different in my head.

Will look forward to following your journey and joining you soon
Welcome Lou, even tho you're not with us properly yet stick around and post, we'd love to hear from you. Yes I see this way of eating will be great for maintenance, it is definitely something you can do long term and I'm going to be sticking with it way past goal because of the health benefits I'm also getting from it. I really do love juddd!

Oh New York! I loved it there and want to go back someday, just didn't have long enough! You'll have a fab time! Make sure you go up the Empire State building!! Awesome! I am jealous, esp as it'll be all Christmassy and lovely!

Take care hun xxx


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Thanks Stirky - we've got all the sight seeing places on the agenda - empire state building, rockefeller centre, statue of liberty, ellis island, ground zero, macys thanksgiving parade, central park, times square, dinner at the plaza, breakfast at the waldorf, maddison square garden, brooklyn bridge, brooklyn heights and we want to fit in lots of shopping as well!! We literally have an agenda for each day - I am going to be exhausted when I get back but at least I'll be burning off lots of calories!!

I read that some of you have experienced health benefits from JUDDD as well which is great - I suffer from quite heavy periods and am in pain every month - I had been thinking about going back on the pill but am going to wait until early next year and see if this eating plan has the same effect on me - fingers crossed

Thanks for the welcome - look forward to getting to know you all
Wow Lou, you are going to have such a great trip! Can I come lol?!!!

Yes the health benefits related to PMS have really amazed me to be honest, I feel like a totally different person and I just hope they continue! Hopefully it'll have a great effect on you as well hun!
Welcome! :)

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