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Judimac - you have inspired me!

Judimac - thank you for putting an idea into my head!!!

I was ready the other thread about Joan Collins Glamour and i noticed you mentioned you bought loads of clothes from Monsoon on ebay.

Im in need of some maxidresses for my hols as i missed everything they had in the shops as they were going out of season just as i booked my hol.

So - this triggered a thought into my head to look on ebay and i have ordered 3 beautiful maxi dresses now - i could have ordered more with the amount of stuff they have on there but i restrained!

Thanks for mentioning it, i've never bought clothing on ebay before as i've always been a bit dubious but these are all brand new items with tags.

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Mad old Bat with Attitude
I hate to advertise this ( you may all be bidding against me!) and heavens knows what will happen during the post strike! BUT! I have completely changed my wardrobe on ebay! As My size drops, I hate to pay full price, (and I'm not proud to wear 2nd hand! It's recycling!) And I have a wardrobe of Monsoon clothes I could never have afforded new! Per Una is good too! You can get new M&S bras, and I got a Next trouser suit for £10 last month! (including postage!) OK you have to be careful, check the sellers reputation, but to be honest I have never been ripped off when buying clothes (dvd's are different, go to Amazon or Play). I also frequent charity shops. When I get to target (and I WILL!) I shall still get 2nd hand! I have never been better dressed! Come on girls! Save yourself some money and lets recycle! (makes note to learn how to sell on ebay!)


Slow but sure....
Good advice Judi - I have bought tops & skirts off Ebay and have never had a bad buy yet, my DH even bought our Campervan off Ebay (yes, a Campervan) it's brilliant and it was such a good price.

I haven't sold anything myself yet but my DH is selling things all the time, so does my son.

I have a 16 month old grandson and he has a toy box here that I stocked from Ebay buying some toys for as little as 50p, and we bought him a superb wooden high chair too.

So have a go, it's fun, but just be aware, check our your sellers reputation and ask them questions if you need to before you buy.

Good Luck.
great idea, girls
I only sold one dress on ebay......and I sold it becasue it had gotten too tight.
wish I'd kept it now.....
there are bargains to be had all right!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Just go on the websites of the makes and check their sizings. I seem to be able to fit all size 16's now, but obviously there will be anomalies, but as I never spend over a tenner for anything,(and that was a trouser suit!) more like £3 for single items including postage! you can soon resell! PS just won another Monsoon skirt for £2.49p inc postage and packing!
I've sold quite a few items in the past and bought once or twice too. I then got scared off by a bloody nightmare buyer who blatantly wore the skirt and then put an ebay complaint/dispute thing about me, because she said the skirt was 'faulty' but I'd described and photographed every little detail, even stating how many teeny beads were missing (2 near the zip) and she made up some cr*p about the underskirt being wonky...eventually I gave up and said she could have a refund (despite stating no refunds and sold as seen on my ad) but I know she'd worn it then sent it back, because it smelled really strongly of a perfume that wasn't mine, and more beads were missing! I was SO CROSS!
I've gone off ebaying since that experience....but I do think about getting back into it all the time. My sister doesn't want me to though, cos she's the current recipient of my too-big cast offs!!!

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