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Judy's Jolly Journey (restarts at post 295)

Evening everyone. :gen126:

I thought I’d start a diary today as a means of keeping me accountable. I will try to ensure I don’t turn it into “confessions of a serial dieter “ but can't make any promises :p

I chose Wednesday as this is my weigh in day and I wanted to make my first post a celebration of losing a stone. I was so confident I would have lost at least 2lbs to take me into the next stone bracket. Not sure what I’ve done wrong but I gained 1lb :eek: Now normally this would send me screaming to the shops for crisps and chocolate BUT tonight I’m not. I’ve decided I will still start a diary and typing will keep my hands busy so I can’t eat :p

So about me. I’m Judy, a single parent, work full time, recently had my 43rd birthday and have almost 10 stone to lose. My DD (18) and youngest DS (16) are still at home, plus DD’s BF most of the time. DS has cerebral palsy so life can be trying sometimes, but we muddle through somehow. I used to use how busy we were as an excuse not to tackle my very bad eating habits. In reality I was just too bone idle to change and justified eating the rubbish as compensation for living with Joe’s disabilities. Only recently have a realised that he lives with them not me and if he can cope why can’t I? Sad that it’s taken so long and I’m sure the bad habits will raise their ugly heads occasionally. My hope is that having you lovely lot to speak to will keep me on the straight and narrow.

This has turned into an essay and I’ve probably put most of you off by now. However if you are still reading :thankyou:
I promise not to be a misery moo all the time :innocent0001:

Off to plan tomorrow's eats now.
Speak soon, JJ
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Hi Judy! :party0019:
Well done on the small gain not leading you to the crisps and chocolate!!
I too have just started keeping a diary on here for motivation purposes!
Good luck wit your journey!
Woohoo JJ :party0011:
So glad you have decided to do a diary *another place for me to [STRIKE]stalk[/STRIKE] ahem I mean visit *:D

Well done for not letting that itty bitty blip send you rushing to the fridge :clap: you will :whoopass:that this week,,,,

Perhaps now is set to be "your time" -your children are no doubt more independant now(well as independant as us kids ever are:p) -so I bet you are really looking forward to some YOU time...

I will be following you *not in a stalkerish way* -honest :giggle:and will dish out :happy096::happy036::grouphugg::0clapper:and :whoopass::asskick:as required ;)Have a lovely night and looking forward to seeing your meal plan tomorrow :D


Serial Foodie!
heya :D Hope you find keeping a diary helps you with the eating plan. Congrats on the fab losses so far. thats a tiny gain and your mindset towards it is brill. Keep on trucking, look forward to reading (but not in a stalker-ish way either....)

Well done Judy, I find keeping a food diary on here is a massive help with keeping on the SW straight and narrow. Don't worry about the lb, it is nothing compared to the 13 you have already lost so you will blast it away this week I'm sure :) :)
Well done Judy - really nice to "meet you" properly and will also be checking in to your diary.
Have a great evening and well done on staying focused x
Sorry I haven't posted today. I'm at work and not much opportunity to log in.
Just having lunch of rice with soy beef and extra veggies.

I'm feeling quite virtuous today as it is a colleagues birthday and I haven't had a bun! They are calling to me from the desk next to mine but I told them to pee off and ate my ham and cottage cheese rolls instead ;)
I'll update properly later but thank you for the messages of support you have posted.
Take care my lovelies, JJ
Another quickie before I head off to pick DS up from after school club.

This is todays menu.

Thursday - Extra Easy
Drinks –Milk (HEA), Coffee, Water
Breakfast – 0% total Greek yoghurt with lemon curd (2), pineapple and passion fruit
Mid morning snack –Ham slices with cottage cheese (1)
Lunch –Beef and rice with extra veg
Mid afternoon snack – Alpen light (1/2 HEB)
Dinner – Jacket potato and tuna with cottage cheese (1) and salad
Supper – Alpen light (1/2 HEB), Strawberries, Muller light yoghurt
1 A and 1 B plus 4 syns. If I need any more I may have a bag of crisps which are 6. Total = 10 syns
Well finally made it here. Hope everyone's having a fabby evening and any weigh in's have gone well :D

I've had quite a good day inspite of being very busy. Didn't get home until 8.30, then had to get DS ready for bed, sort the animals, cook my dinner, and stalk around the boards for a little while :rolleyes:

The meal plan above has had one slight tweak as I just couldn't face cottage cheese again so had some low fat salad cream in the tuna and a handful of sweet corn. While I was doing the potatoes I've boiled a few extra to make salmon fishcakes for tomorrow. I need to go track down Capricorn's recipe as that sounded nommy :drool:

Need to go clean up the kitchen, throw these fishcakes together so they can sit in the fridge over night, and then write the rest of my meal plan out. I'll post tomorrow with the next thrilling installment :rotflmao:

Night folks, JJ
Hi Judy...

I do red days -so I just did
  • 396g potatoes steamed in their skins -cool and rub of the skins
  • mash with salt and pepper
  • I fillet salmon and 1 fillet white fish -steamed and then flaked (Im putting more salmon in next time)
  • bash it into the potato with 1 egg and a couple of chopped spring onions
  • shape into 4 cakes (they were about 150g each :eek:)
  • cover and chill over night
  • then I used 1/4tsp oil in a non-stick pan (you can use spray) sealed them on both sides and then baked in the oven until golden and cooked through
So they did me 2 meals @ 1 heB + 0.5syn
if you are doing EE you can throw sweetcorn/peas in -Im going to pay for sweetcorn to add next time ;)
hope you like them
Mmm yummy fish cakes :)
Well done JJ - sounds like you've done really well today avoiding all that temptation. I'm a happy bunny - replied to you in Capricorn's diary but to recap I lost 3 1/2 and got my award, SOW and OH and I won the raffle :) It's all good.
Have a great evening x
Thanks Capricorn. Fishcakes are made and sitting in the fridge for tomorrow.

The rest of the plan looks like this.

Friday – Extra Easy
Drinks – Milk (HEA), Coffee, Diet Coke, Water
Breakfast – Bacon, Egg and tomatoes
Mid morning snack -Alpen light (1/2 HEB), grapes
Lunch –Ham and egg salad, lf salad cream (2) Muller light
Mid afternoon snack - Cottage cheese (1)
Dinner – Salmon fishcakes and vegetables
Supper – Alpen light (1/2 HEB), vff fromage frais with lemon curd (2), strawberries
All A’s and B’s plus 5 syns

I didn't have the bag of crisps I was going to have so just 5 syns used today. Hopefully I will manage the same tomorrow.

Night night folks :zz:
I'm a happy bunny - replied to you in Capricorn's diary but to recap I lost 3 1/2 and got my award, SOW and OH and I won the raffle :) It's all good.
Have a great evening x

Well done Giblet you should be well chuffed with that. Getting Slimmer of the Week and then to win the raffle - some folk have all the luck :p Long may it continue for you :happy096:
Thanks JJ - menu looks good and I do feel very lucky :) Do you go to group yourself or weigh at home? I'm sure there'll be plenty of awards in your future. Night night x
Thanks JJ - menu looks good and I do feel very lucky :) Do you go to group yourself or weigh at home? I'm sure there'll be plenty of awards in your future. Night night x
No it's group all the way for me. Just can't do it on my own. Last time I gained 2 stone :eek:

Made some changes to today's menu. When I got up this morning I didn't fancy ham and egg, so instead I have chicken bites (2 syns) with my salad and fat free vinaigrette. Also the grapes were too soft so they've gone in the bin :( Looks like I need to go fruit and veg shopping.

Right back to work. Speak to you tonight ;) JJ
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I hate when fruit and veg goes off but it can happen so quickly especially in this heat! Hope you had a good day at work :) x
Friday 23rd @ 22.40

Evening all ;)

Finally sat down long enough to get [STRIKE]stalking[/STRIKE] reading.

Todays menu went like this:
Friday – Extra Easy
Drinks – Milk (HEA), Coffee, Water
Breakfast – Bacon, Egg and tomatoes
Mid morning snack -Alpen light (1/2 HEB)
Lunch –Chicken salad (2), fat free vinaigrette, Muller light
Mid afternoon snack - Alpen light (1/2 HEB)
Dinner – Salmon fishcakes and vegetables, Cottage cheese (2), vff fromage frais with lemon curd (2), strawberries
1 A and 1 B plus 6 syns

The salmon fishcakes tasted yummy, but aesthetically? To be honest they looked like a bad accident, but I shall be eating the second half of the batch tomorrow :D

I have an idea of tomorrow's menu but it is still subject to change.
Saturday – Extra Easy
Drinks –Milk (HEA), Coffee, Diet Coke, Water
Breakfast – Bacon omelette with tomatoes, red peppers and onion
Mid morning snack -Alpen light (1/2 HEB)
Lunch –Salmon fishcakes, salad, ff vinaigrette, strawberries and Muller light yoghurt
Mid afternoon snack – HM vegetable soup
Dinner – Chicken supreme (3), savoury rice and vegetables
Supper – Alpen light (1/2 HEB)
1 A and 1 B plus 3 syns

Looking forward to the chicken it is so easy and nommy - just my kind of food ;)

Right, I'm off to find out what you're all up to. Catch you later, JJ
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Saturday 11am

Good morning and happy Saturday to you all. The sun is shining here and I have a day to potter to my hearts content :D May even do some housework :giggle:

I'm going to take DS out for a push later to visit my sister. She lives less than 1 mile away and it's all down hill. The difficulty is when I'm coming home again. The lane back to my house feels like Everest, but at least when I collapse through the front door there are only the animals to laugh at me :rotflmao:

I now have a new incentive to lose the weight. My niece and her partner are getting married on 3rd September next year:character00250: I refuse to stand next to her and the skinny bridesmaids looking like a blob :ashamed0005: I intend to strut my skinny stuff with the rest of them:party0048:

Off to eat now as my stomach is rumbling. Catch you soon, JJ
How lovely and what a great date (I get married on 3rd September THIS year, lol)
Hope you have a lovely day of pottering and enjoy your walk later - I don't think the weather is sure what it's doing today here, but OH and me might risk it and walk into town.....every little helps :) x
Today's eating didn't quite go to plan, as usual ;) I made a few changes as I didn't fancy breakfast so just had coffee and an Alpen; lunch was out with the salad and in with baked beans; dinner was so yummy I had a third instead of a quarter so the syns have been adjusted accordingly. Indecisive? Moi? :rolleyes:
So I've finished the day with 1 A and 1 B plus 8 syns as I also added lemon curd yoghurt to dinner :whistle: I can't help it if lemon curd calls to me, can I? It is so seriously scrummy and only 1 syn per teaspoon. :p And it has lemons in which is a fruit.:Na_Na_Na_Na:

Ok I can't defend it but I don't think I'm doing badly on the syns. I've had 19 over the last 3 days AND ..........drum roll please.........NO CRISPS OR CHOCOLATE :woohoo: which qualifies as a minor miracle around these parts :8855::17729:

We did go for a walk to visit my sis but it started raining so didn't walk home, which means I was spared the hill. Will have to do it more regularly though as it would be good for us.

I'm off for a quick nosey around the boards and then a small amount of tv and bed. Night night all. Sweet dreams :zz:

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