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Juicy Mango's diary!!

Hey everyone!

I've recently fallen off the wagon in a spectacular fashion, so am hoping that posting a food diary will help. I was 10st 3lb last week & due to WI tonight; fully expecting a gain....

Im allergic to raw fruit & some veg which is where I struggle really. I also drink a lot of tea so use 5pp a day for that. But here's today's menu:

B: 1 slice of thick toast & spread 4pp
L: Leftover spag bol 8pp
D: Beef & ale stew (Jamie recipe) with pots & stacks of 0pp veg 12pp
Cups of tea 5pp
= 29pp :)

I am off for a jog after WI tonight too, I only started recently & I'm hooked! I'll post back later with tonight's result. Xx
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welcome Juicy and good luck will be following your diary enjoy your jog x
Thanks Jem! My friend's son has his prim tonight so the jog is postponed til tomorrow, which is possibly a good thing as I'm beyond shattered!

So tonight..... ***drum roll*** ...... I lost 2lb!!! I would have put serious money on a 2lb gain, woohoo!! Big motivation :D. Gonna go make some spicy parsnip 1pp soup. Xx
Ok so still feeling uber motivated after last nights loss :D which is good as sometimes it makes me think "ahh, I can afford a couple of treats" - wrong!!

B: 30g honey hoops & s/s milk - 4pp

L: I did have a nice salad at home in the fridge but I've just taken my 2 little ladies to see my auntie & she'd done us a big spread for lunch! So I had some Greek salad with a small amount of feta, say 5pp, & 2 quarters of egg mayo sarnie, prob another 5pp. A handful of oven chips, maybe 4pp tops. And *ahem* 2 small glasses of white (shhh!) which makes 20pp for lunch argh!! Ah well, at least dinner will be a nice low salad...

D: whole tin of tuna, red onion, peppers, cucumber, lettuce, mushrooms & 2 tbsp low fat mayo - 3pp.

Plus my 5pp for cups of tea makes 32 for the day, not as bad as I thought actually!! Right, need inspiration, off to check out some other diaries :)


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well done juicy on your 2lb loss thats a great start hun... would love your recipe for the parsnip soup ..it sounds delish ...have a good weekend hun and good luck for this week x
Thanks my love! Not had such a good day today but tomorrow's another day! Here's my rather embarrassing but very honest menu for today! In my defence I did majorly go for it at Zumba tonight..!

B: WW nacho crisps - 2 pp

L: Greggs mexican baguette (OMG soooo tasty) 14pp-ish & ring doughnut 7pp

D: wine - 19pp

Bad bad Suzie!! :eek:

Tomorrow I'm off to a Naval Officers summer ball where all food & drink is included so I will not be pointing that but I will assume at least 250pp's! ;)

Oh and this is the soup recipe: http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/3198/spicy-roasted-parsnip-soup - I figured that many reviews couldn't be wrong & they weren't, it's delish! I replaced the oil with Frylight too & made it 0pp :D

Gonna have to avoid the carbs Sun-Tues if I have any hope of scraping a STS!
Pah, another ok-ish day, at least I'm tracking now I guess...!

B: 1 slice of toast 4pm

L: WW nacho crisps (saving myself for tonight!) 2pp

D: err, lots!

Tea: 4pp & probably copious amounts of wine tonight, or vodka if feel like being good (unlikely!)
Okayyy, slinking back after a few days off.... After the ridiculous amount we ate & drank on Sat night (lobster, salmon, hog roast on buttered roll, beef, lamb, chicken, coleslaw , 2 glasses of champers, 3 glasses of wine, 4 vodkas, 4 jagerbombs - OMG! I wasn't even drunk, probably because if the amount of food!) & then had a day out Sun, eating & drinking, I kind of gave up pointing & nearly didn't go to WI last night, thank God I did, I lost half a lb!!! God knows how but I ain't complaining :D

I also ran my first 5k last night in 40 mins (6 aps) so was v chuffed with that :)

Yesterdays menu:

B: Go Ahead bar - 4pp
L: ham salad sarnie - 8pp
D: chilli con carne - 7pp, rice - 4pp, tortilla chips - 4pp
Wine x 2 glasses - 9pp
Tea - 5pp

Not a great day pp wise but hey, at least I'm tracking lol!


B: honey loops & s/s milk - 4pp
L: Spicy parsnip soup - 1pp
D: pork steaks roasted with mediterranean veg - 8pp
Tea - 5pp

So only at 18pp so far, might have a small roll with lunch @ 4pp...
Hi :) here to follow xx

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