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Ju's food diary


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Hi all, thought I'd start posting my food diaries so you can all have a butchers and tell me if I'm doing anything wrong!

Breakfast - 2 slices wholemeal toast with laughing cow light (HEX A and HEB)

Lunch - couscous salad (couscous made with lemon juice and coriander leaves, celery, lettuce, spring onion, radish, v. low fat cottage cheese)

Tea: vegetable spaghetti bolagnaise (I just know I've spelled that wrong...)

Snacks: 2 apples, 2 Alpen lights (HEX B)

Tea in milk during the day = HEX A

Syns: going to have a couple small bottles of stella artois watching the football = 11 syns

Ju :)
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Looks great Ju, I can't spot any potential hazards, mmm infact the cous cous sounds gorgeous, I may have to make myself some for tomorrow.
Enjoy the football, and your beer.
Lou xxx


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Thanks Lou, couscous is great for lunches, takes five minutes to cook and its nice and light - sometimes I find pasta at dinnertime makes me feel a bit bloated.

The football was great, and so was the beer :)
Ju1979 your menu looks good hun, keep posting everyday and im sure you will be ine sweety.
Keep up the good work.
Ruthy xxx


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Thanks Ruthy :)

Breakfast - 4 ryvitas (HEX B) with v. low fat cottage cheese
Lunch - couscous salad
Tea - my 'cheat' risotto - veggies boiled up with brown rice and laughing cow light (HEX A) stirred in at the end to make it creamy, and broccoli
Snacks - 2 apples, 2 Alpen lights (HEX B)
Milk in tea - HEX A
Syns - fun size mars bar and twix = 9.5 syns

I'm aiming for 10 syns a day - don't seem to lose much when I have 5, and I always do green days :)

Hey im coming to live with you for a bit it sounds lovely!

Esp that risotto yum!!! i lose more when i use my syns.

Ruthy xxx


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Hope you enjoy the risotto if you do try it - I find the rice needs longer to cook than what it says on the packet when there's other things boiling with it.

11/04/08 - yay, its Friday :)
Breakfast - instant mash (don't ask :p)
Lunch - couscous salad
Tea - 110 g roast beef (2 X HEX B), spuds roasted in fry light, broccoli, turnip and carrots, yum yum yum :)
Snacks - 2 apples, 2 muller lights
Milk in tea - HEX A
Syns - 2 glasses of white wine - it was a hock, not sure how many syns per 142 ml glass, guessing 5-6, so no more than 12 syns today.
Didn't manage to fit in another HEX A.
Hey Ju so far so good. Keep up the good work! your a star!

Ruthy xxx
Thanks Ruthy, it does help to post my diaries on here, knowing that everyone will be seeing what I'm eating so I'd better stay good!

Breakfast - beans on 2 slices toast (HEX B)
Lunch - pasta salad (pasta, fromage frais, spinach and celery)
Tea - cheat risotto using laughing cow light (HEX A)
Snacks - muller light, banana, hi-fi bar (HEX B)
Milk in tea - HEX A
Syns - 1 and a half pints of guiness = 15 syns

Think I did well today, went down the pub with a couple of friends this afternoon for a girly catch up and gossip, and allowed myself 15 syns and stuck to it - and they were eating crisps and minstrels and I didn't have any :D A couple of months ago I'd of have about three or four pints of lager and two bags of crisps :)
Hi everyone, not posted for a couple of days as I messed up my PC; all fixed now though.

Really pleased, had my WI yesterday and I'd lost two and a half pounds - made up for last week and some! :party0049:

Got my half stone award and feeling positive :)

Breakfast - 4 ryvita (HEX B) with laughing cow light (HEX A)
Lunch - couscous salad
Tea - cheese and broccoli pasta n sauce made with half of my second HEX A (rest in tea) with onion and courgette mixed in
Snacks - banana, 2 alpen lights (HEX B)
Syns - 2 glasses of wine and a tot of whisky = 12.5 syns (celebrating!)


well done ju

Ruthy xxx

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