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just a bit down in the dumps really.....


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as you know the last few weeks have been a bit tough, with my new nephew being born very very early.

i had weigh in on weds and only lost 1lb, and i am gutted. i cant seem to shift my dissapointment and self pity grrrrrr.

to make thing worse i went on my wii fit and it says my weight is the same as last time.

i don't want to give up now as i have so much more to lose, but not sure how much longer i can keep at it especially with rubbish losses.

hmmm i dont know...maybe i will feel better in the morning.

sorry for the moan...but i need to get it off my chest before i have a complete breakdown.
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Don't worry chick! I lost one pound last week too! Was a bit peeved off but hoping I lose more this week! You just gotta stay positive! Well done for coming on here & getting it off your chest though! It helps to write it down. Good luck chica! I'm rooting for you! :D xxx
ah hope your all right, stick with it and you will be really pleased down the line, hope your feeling better tomorrow, your doing great :):)
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Don't be discouraged! This happens sometimes! & could be down to water retention if you've been a bit distracted, perhaps? But I know I had two weeks where I only lost 1lb last time I did TFR, but it balanced out with a big loss after.

Keep it going & good luck!!

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**big hugs**

I hope your nephew is doing well x

The lower loss could be due to water retention, I`m sure you`ll see a bigger loss next time.

Hope you feel better soon Xxxxxxx


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Very often you will see a big loss follow a small one, so stay strong i also only lost 1lb this week, so welcome to the club!


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hi hope u feeling a bit better today ;) it will pay off and be worth it, stick with it :)


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You lost 1lb - ANY weight loss is worthy of celebration and congratulation. So really well done to you!

And to be losing 3lb the previous 3 weeks is certainly not rubbish in anyone's book - i think we'd all be pleased to be losing 3lb a week, it'd be hard doing that on most other diets...

It can't be an easy time with worrying about the littl'un, but he is in the best place I am sure and with love and care can really thrive :)

Don't be too downhearted, you lost and you're sticking to LT - you WILL lose the weight you want if you keep doing what you're doing.

HOw about a bit of pampering to cheer yourself up? Do a face mask, have a bath, paint your nails. Doesn't have to take long or cost much :)


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Hi Kerry

You came to the right place...best to get it out in the open and if you are feeling crap, then best to say! If we hold it in, it is usually when we start to pick and then we know where that leads to.

1lb,,,,a small chicken sweetie!!! Just think how devastated you would have been if you had put on, but you lost! So, that is an achievement in its own right..so, dont be too hard on yourself.

You are doing so well, from what I can see that is 2 stone 7lb?? Am I right.....that is great, considering you refed for two weeks and went on holiday...I do think you are doing so well.

Dont let this make you go backwards. That would be such a shame for you, it really would.

You will lose more next week, there could be a whole host of reasons for the smaller loss...but, remember that is PURE FAT!

Hang in there, and keep coming on here...dont go backwards.

Take good care!!!!!!! AND, hope the little one is doing well and improving by the day.
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Hi kerry our sorry your feeling down and hope your nephew is ok. but as the others have said a 1lb is still a loss and with all the stress you should be proud that you didn't let LT slip and put on!!! Im just starting week 2 and in my book sticking to this for 14 weeks you deserve a medal lol!!! just think you inspire others to continue as you prove it can be done!!! keep going i bet you'll have a fab loss next week.....


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HI hope you feeling better today and that your nephew is doing weel you had a few bad weeks but we are only human and things happen keep going hun and i am sure your losses will get more you have done so well in your losses all will fit into place and things can only get better treat yourself yo somthing nice smellys or somthing to lift your spirits also i would take no notice of the wii fit mine always reads my weight wrong and when it showes a loss of 1lb its normally about 4 lol hope you ok x x x

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