Just a little cheat........ - day 3

Discussion in 'Weight Loss Diaries' started by Lady Nibbler, 11 January 2007 Social URL.

  1. Lady Nibbler

    Lady Nibbler Member

    I start on Lipotrim tomorrow.

    It's the usual story, I've handed over vast sums to slimming clubs and my shelves are positively creaking with books by atkins, mckeith, the food doctor etc. Oh I've lost weight alright but it's just been put back on with interest! (not helped by my moronic need to stay in a dreadful relationship (father of my son)).

    I have been overwieght for 12 years (OMG!!! that looks much worse when you see it written) I currently weigh 13st 12lbs and am a size 18. I'm happy to report that I am now in an amazing relationship - living with him, my son and 2 fab cats in Herts. I just need to lose the weight to feel complete and am absolutely ready for this. Bring it On!!!

    What's different this time?... well I hope by being active on this site that my chances will improve. You see, in the past I've been so ashamed of my weight that I wouldn't share my diet with anyone, I just wanted to be left alone to do it by myself....not good.

    Wish me luck

    I'm off now to look into getting a tracker and all those lovely bits you all have attached to your messages -speak soon
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  3. cazmaz_irl

    cazmaz_irl Banned

    Cambridge SS
    Hiya Lady Nibbler,

    Welcome to minimins, it might be a bit quiet round here tonight, not sure if they've all gone to bed LOL...

    This is a great site for support no matter what plan your following, any problems or questions all you got to do is post and it'll be answered in no time..

    Enjoy getting to read up on all the threads,
  4. IreneH

    IreneH Gold Member

    Glad you are with us and you will do this as you seem so motivated. Good luck. One day at a time
    Irene xx
  5. mustdoit

    mustdoit susan

    lady nibbler......did u get your tracker ?
  6. zareena

    zareena Silver Member

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    Good luck hun!!! I'm sure you'll do well :)
  7. Lady Nibbler

    Lady Nibbler Member

    Thanks for your support.

    First Lipotrim day nearly over now and although I feel terribly pleased that I made it through, I am not going to begin to pretend that it has been easy.

    I am totally shocked at how obssessed I am with food and how much one person can think about it in one day!!!??

    Have drawn so much strength from reading through peoples experiences so hoping that this 'feeling sorry for myself' will go in time like it has for many of you.

    A quick question for someone to help me with. How do I change my subject header?? -looked it up and says double right click at side of thread title - doing this but not working for me
  8. Lady Nibbler

    Lady Nibbler Member

    Managed to change subject header - :)

    :p Just being incredibly thick earlier..............
  9. flirty40greeneyes

    flirty40greeneyes Busy busy busy!!

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    Slim and Save
    Good luck on your journey to slimdom. Keep coming on here, keep up your diary, measure yourself now, and take photos ... allof these are great to look back on on bad days (and I'm talking from my experience today!!!)
  10. Lady Nibbler

    Lady Nibbler Member

    Sorry mustdoit - only just seen your question........as you can see got my tracker .....thanks for asking

    Speak to you soon

  11. Lady Nibbler

    Lady Nibbler Member


    will do flirtygreeneyes - great advice - all makes sense as I've got so much out of looking at other peoples diaries
  12. IreneH

    IreneH Gold Member

    and take it one day at a time
    Irene xx
  13. canireallydothis!!

    canireallydothis!! Gold Member

    My diary has kept me going all this time, so put your thoughts, dreams rambles, anything on it!!!!

    I found the more I typed, the more stuff just came out, and it really helps.

    Good luck, and well done for sharing x
  14. Lady Nibbler

    Lady Nibbler Member

    Thanks to everyone who has taken time to add to this thread.

    You are all so inspiring

    canireallydothis - your loss and pictures are just awesome!!!
  15. Cheb

    Cheb Gold Member

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    Cambridge Diet (SSing)

    Well done on getting through your first day, the first few days can be tough but it soon becomes a whole new way of life.

    Can't promise that you'll stop thinking about food a lot, one of my LL group used to read cookbokks everynight, she called it her 'food porn':D

    Good luck with day 2 and keep us posted.
  16. dietingqueen

    dietingqueen Gold Member

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    weight Watchers now but did LL/CD


    well done on taking the first step! before you know it days become weeks and weeks months....and your into maintaining!

  17. Gemma79

    Gemma79 I will do this!

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    Slimming World
    well done on getting through your first day. It's been my first day too and it's been hell! REally struggled, but I know it gets easier. Need sleep now so tomorrow comes and goes quicker!
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  19. Lady Nibbler

    Lady Nibbler Member

    Well I'm nearly through my 2nd day and as so many of you wonderful people out there advised, I will update my thread with how it has been.

    It's funny but yesterday I felt absolutely ravenous :( rumbling stomach and all. Today very different - not phisically hungry but mentally hungry. It's been weird because I have a terrible feeling of loss - I am in mourning for the loss of food from my day. However, I keep telling myself that the loss is only temporary and the more I stick to this, the quicker the time will come to when I can enjoy eating again (all be it healthily!;))

    The other feeling I have is like being on tender hooks waiting for something to happen - I just can't settle - I guess I must be excited that I may be finally on track to feel attractive again.

    It's funny how much my mind has a grip over me. 2 days ago I would be constantly tell myself off for letting myself down. I'd look in the mirror and see a frumpy, dumpy old bag but today I look at myself and feel very different :).

    I don't plan to weigh myself at home.....that could be lethal for me. I don't want to get too obsessed with the scales. Too little weight lost and I will go and comiserate with food and a good weight loss might make me think that just one little cheat won't hurt "because I have done soooooooo well" That's been my downfall in the past.

    On the diet itself.......well all seems to be ok - I did try the chicken soup for a change and I have to say that it was absolutely horrific:eek: ! I'm not ready for it yet - had to throw it away and resort to having a vanilla shake instead. It might taste better to me in few weeks time.

    The incentive I received today was in the form of size 12 clothes I ordered :D . delivered to my door. They seem so small it's hard to imagine wearing them.....but wear them i bluddy will. Plan to hang them on the door of the bedroom as my incentive. I can't wait to get out of these sack cloths I've been wearing for 12 years. I absolutely love clothes and in my thin days really enjoyed fashion and had my own little look going on (i thought i looked great anyway:p !!). Now, I always wonder what people think when they see me in these awful things that drape from me - its awful but I just can't get excited about clothes when I am this size.

    Anyway those are my thoughts for today -I am now off to have my final shake........yum yum.
  20. Lady Nibbler

    Lady Nibbler Member


    I the 'food porn' comment really tickled me I have been giggling about ever since I read it.
  21. Lady Nibbler

    Lady Nibbler Member

    Well it's near the end of Day 3 for me........ still struggling but feel strangely confident all will be ok. Feeling really quite positive even though I have to confess I did have just a little cheat. This nasty incident happened whilst cooking dinner for my OH....... I couldn't resist putting a rather large spoonful of my offering into that hole (the one that always gets me into trouble!) beneath my nose :( Actually when I say 'a' spoonful I actually mean 2 or 3 large spoonfuls :eek: .

    A bit dissapointing but I'm not going to let it play on mind.

    I will resist tomorrow.........I will resist tomorrow.......I WILL....I WILL..... I WILL
  22. xxluckyxx

    xxluckyxx Silver Member

    Lady nibbler . nice to meet u ! xxx
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