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Just been for a haircut...


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Yay! What a brilliant feeling!
jeez your weight loss is amazing - done well. Get in indeed!


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Fantastic weight loss and well done:happy096:

Love Mini xxx
hi im new to cambridge diet and am planning to start tomorrow. ive put on so much weight and need to lose a lot of it before my graduation in november! i just came across this site and saw all of your weight losses......which has inspired me more to stick at this diet! what should i expect in the first few days?? im starting on sole source



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Hey Sizzle

Im starting tomorrow too!

Ok I have done it twice before, and for the first few days you should expect and follow the following:-

1 - Make sure you prepare your mind for what you are about to do, its going to be hard for the first few days!
2 - You might get a 4th day headache - this is normal and is your body withdrawing from the carbs but once you pass this you should be in ketosis - this is normal for me but dont know if for everyone!
3 - Make sure you drink drink drink the water! It will make you feel tons better and fill you up.
4 - Dont be afraid to be experimental with your packs, if you check out the stickies about menus etc you can make some really nice things like icecream and cookies with your packs, makes it so much more interesting!
5 - If you are making the milkshakes - blend them with loads of ice - they arent really that nice (or arent as nice as they can be!) if you just shake or stir - you can froth them up and they taste like mcdonalds milkshake hmmmm yum!
6 - Lastly - if you are feeling tempted by food and think a little bit wont hurt - step away from the chicken and run yourself a hot bath/paint your nails or read a book - anything to put you back at square one!

Oh and try and stay off the scales - i used to be a scales hopper and it became addictive!!

Hope that helps out a bit!? xxxxx


Want to be a yummy mummy!
OH AND BTW WELL DONE LUNAR JIM THAT IS an amazing loss, dont you just love compliments!!!!!! SORRY TO POST CRASH!! XXX
Well done LJ-that's a fantastic weight loss-and how lovely to get the compliments! I'm looking forward to going on Saturday-I've lost another 2 stone since they last saw me!:D The gown wraps right round me now!
Is a fab thing to be hearing isn't it? and your post made me smile as the exact thing happen to me last Friday, as soon as my hairdresser clapped eyes on me she shouted HAVE YOU BEEN LOOSING WEIGHT? you look very skinny, it was good to hear but very embarassing as all the other customers were checking out my behind:eek:
You have done amazingly well LJ, you re half way there in only 6 weeks, FAB!!!
i still cannot get over your loss! very well done and compliments are always good.... and ive never had a parmo and theres an asda on the way to matt...oh dear ;)
phew they are not in the store near me haha