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Just been to the doctors and feel awful now...


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Slimming down the aisle
I weigh at home naked so I know that if I was to weigh in at the doctors or wherever, I'd weigh in heavier. That will make some difference. Also the time of day, what you've eaten or drunk. Or maybe theirs just weigh differently to yours. The important thing is the losses, just keep weighing yourself on yours and you'll know that the loss is accurate.

The thing that you have to remember is that you're doing something about all of this! As you lose weight you blood pressure will come down and you'll be generally a lot more healthy. Don't let yourself get upset about it all, just use it to help motivate you to keep going. You've done fantastically so you're in a lot better a position than you were before!


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Thanks, Caroline. I had a good cry when I got home because I felt so awful then spoke to my Dad about it and he basically said the same as you have. I'm still feeling a bit deflated about it but I think it's because I'm not feeling very well either so it's all affecting it. It's giving me the kick I need though so am going to spend the weekend planning for next week and hopefully that will give me some motivation to feel good about myself again. I appreciate your support though :) xxx


Slimming down the aisle
No need to thank me, that's what we're all here for, to support each other! Just think, next time you go to the doctors they'll weigh you and do your blood pressure again and be able to say how much lower they are and how well you're doing!


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Thank you, Healthyeater, i really appreicate that :) xx


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I've got 2 sets of scales and there is a 2lb difference in the weight they show on the same bit of floor. I know 2lb isn't a lot but it's the difference between a weight loss or not from one week to the next. My nurses scales always weigh me lighter than the ones I have at home, by half a stone but I've learnt to ignore them! Lol!! Maybe you should too, weight is relative, a bit like time, everyone's watch will say a different time.


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Thanks, Fiona, I think you're right. I've spent most of the week feeling really low about it, but then I've realised there's not much I can do except keep going and eventually I'll get to goal. I've weighed myself on 4 different sets of scales since I went to the docs and each set were completely different! I'm now contemplating using my clothes sizes as my weight loss guide instead of the scales because it seems no scale is accurate so might as well use how I feel in what I wear as my motivation instead! Xx

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Try not to worry too much about the scales/BP measurements - I always used to have high BP at the docs because every time I saw that BP cuff my breathing rate increased (I was nervous about going to the doctors). Now when I have my BP measured I try to breathe slowly and say in my head "low, low, low" I know this sounds odd but it works. You were probably stressing especially if you had your weight done first and got the 2 stones extra. There is no way your home scales are 2 stone out. Mine were once 10 lbs lighter than my slimming class but I always thought in my home terms and not class ones for my actual "real" weight.


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We shouldn't worry too much about the pounds. We can also check our progress by measuring our waist. ;)


28 years is too long.....
It would be interesting to know how many people (and I am one!) avoid going to the doctor because they know they are going to be lectured / made to feel bad / weighed (on nasty scales!). I certainly avoid goingif I can help it, or if I happen to find out my dr is on holiday I will go then. Mineonce told me I should try hunting and gathering my food as there weren't anu overweight people in neanderthal times! How would he know! There is always a lecture though, and amazingly everything from sore throats to pain in my finger joints is because I am overweight. Sadly becoming a dr is all about exams and studying, and tht doesn't necessarily mean they are pleasant or tactful people - even when they themselves are huge.
that is totally true my doctor relates everything to my weight, my brother fell out a tree when he was a kid and the doctor called him a beast, i was like if he hadnt had a bit of weight on him he would have probably broke everything, he was unharmed

my doctors is really hard to get an appt at short notice, but every morning they have an open surgery and you can go down and get any doctor they fire at you, i always dread going in case i get the doctor that basically called me a fat mess and actually said " you dont have sex do you ? " with a face like you couldnt possibly


28 years is too long.....
OMG that's awful! How dare he say that. I once managed to get to see a locum (and had been trying out Orlistat at the time ina desperate bid to kick start a plateau) and he asked me if I was the right person as he couldn't see why I Would need to take Orlistat so he thought the wrong person had come in. Bless him! He may have been slightly delusional but he made my day, if not week, so it just shows there are nice ones out there, and what a difference it makes when you find one.


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my doctor is just unbelievably ****. like seriously. I go home feeling like i need to bawl my eyes out/murder someone/eat EVERYTHING in sight. Usually all 3.

He said my shoulder clicking was due to weak muscles, which has now developed into something more serious that I have to see a chiropractor about. He said my ever deforming feet/excrutiating heel pain are due to me being overweight (no i have very high arches) and I have to see a podiatrist privately about it. He lectured me about eating less calories... I'VE LOST TWO STONE YOU ARSE.

Hes often more concerned about how good my psoriasis is looking than anything... right YOU DIDN'T HELP AT ALL WITH THAT THANKS STOP TALKING ABOUT IT NOW. :(

oh and he didnt see the blindingly obvious arthritis i was beginning to suffer... despite the fact i have exceptionally aggressive psoriasis (psoriatic arthritis is common in people with psoriasis) and the fact that it wasn't on a weight bearing joint (my hands)
Keep your spirits up.

You are doing really well with your weight loss and will reach your goals. Stick with a diet you enjoy and don't worry about the scary weight number quoted by the Doctor - there are reasons for unexpected weight gain - clothes, time of day, food eaten.....

Continue weighing on a set of scales you trust and continue with your weight loss journey.

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