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Just call me Giraffe legs!



You look great Angie, lovely long legs .... I'm green with envy :)
Great picture angie, keep sharing, we love them.
Lynne x
I love success pics xx


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Looking good Angie!


Love Mini xxx
thankyou lovely people, you've given me a lift. They are size 16 but cut well and with heels....well I am a bit proud of myself =)
Well your a very slim 16 hun!!! looking lovely x
there are more in my gallery, but I will just add another quick one here

:: grins :: so here's another....

it's alright, I will stop filling the forum with my pictures soon enough, but at the mo I am just really chuffed!


you look amazing well done
Noooo don't stop posting pics, as well as being great for you it's also really good for all those of us who love to see them - they can be very inspiring and motivating .... keep em coming :)
I think it is fabulous that I could be inspiring to other people!

I have said it several times, it was only seeing the before and after pictures on the inspiration gallery that made me finally commit to doing a vlcd. I had come to the point that I thought that I couldn't lose weight as I had tried every other method...and I mean every other method. I don't think there is a diet I havent tried. So, excellent! If my pickies help someone to commit to any diet I am glad
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fantastic congratulations


nearly there!! :)
ur looking fab well done hunni xxx

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