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Just Call me Skinny!

Im not one for posting threads in forums.. in fact i don't think I ever have before!!!! but here goes!

Hi, I'm Sarah, and I have now been doing slimming world for 17 and a half weeks!! wow I didn't realise it was that long...!
I have just reached my first stone, and my weight loss is a lot slower than I a had hoped it would be when I started... but its coming off.. so I'm happy!
I am a student.. I'm always skint, and just wondered if by starting a little diary which you can all read (and help me with :) and hopefully I can help you too... :)) I can stay on track with the plan.. and get this weight off!!!
The past few week I have been a bit cr*p to be honest... I have been cheating and eating lots of rubbish.. but then having a couple of days of kind of just eating soup to make up for it... and I know that this isn't the best way to be dieting... but I can't seem to get out of this cycle... and because I am still losing weight I don't want to go back onto green/red and not lose as much.... I'm in a pickle!!!
It is my 21st Birthday in just over 4 weeks... and I have bought a GORGEOUS little black dress.. and this time I didn't do the "its still a bit tight but it'll be ok soon coz i'm losing weight" thing.. it actually fits.. but could look nicer.... :)
SO I have 4 weeks.... 4 (Wednesday) weigh-ins until I am 21.. my aim is to lose as much as I can by then!
I am going to play around with these tickers and what nots to try and get myself a little more motivated.. and hopefully I will be a gorgeous young woman on that Friday night.. in that gorgeous dress... (PAH-HA-HA!... we can try! :))

My target is to be 10stone 7lb.. it was 10stone.. but I think thats just impossible!
I am 5"7'... (are those apostrophes the right way round? :eek:)
and before starting slimming world, I NEVER weighed myself.. I think I went through a phase when I was 18(ish) whilst on the "Crunchy Nut diet" when I was weighing myself every week... and I think I was 13stone.. and got down to 12. But before that the only other weight I remember being was 9stone... when I was 11 (I was at boarding school and they weighed us to make sure we were healthy) I remember being heavier than the other girls in the boarding house but I was not fat... So it worries me that to be 'healthy' I should be 10stone (10stone-10stone7 is slap bang in the middle of the healthy range on the height/weight chart)... so 10stone.. is 1stone heavier than I was when I was 11..... that cant be right surely!?!?! or... do I just have heavy bones! :) hehe
Sorry if I babble on... I'm very grateful to you for reading!!! :)
feel free to write back... I'd love it.. :)

Speak soon...
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Welcome to Minimins. As a student im sure you'll appreciate cheap recipe ideas so make sure you grab everything you can from this website to help u stay on track.
I wish you all the luck for your weight loss journey and im sure you will look fab in your black dress on your 21st! Gosh i remember my 21st (nearly 3 years ago) and i was 16 stone ish. I'm hoping for my 30th i will be a lot slimmer haha!!
Keep updating your diary coz im dead nosey and like to read wha ya been up to lol xxx
Hi niknaks and zenabob! thanks for your replies! I do believe I have fixed me up a 'ticker' and a couple of mini goals too!
I don't like Sunday nights... its Monday tomorrow! boo!
well better crack on with coursework... it looks like I've found myself a new distraction! eeek! :rolleyes:

Hope you've all had a nice weekend :)
speak soon....
hey, welcome to minis and good luck on the diet. I was bout 16 stone on my 21st too niknaks (mine was 4 years ago) like you i dont want the next BIG birthday to be BIG weightwise! x
Its weigh-in tonight... eeek!! I hope i have lost... i couldnt cope with a gain... not today!! lol,
I'll let you know how it goes!!! hope ur all having a good day!
how did it go then? x
I lost 2 lbs!!! :woohoo:
Very pleased!!! I'm really in a cycle now... getting quite a constant 2lbs a week!! so... my mini targets seem very achievable now!!
... can i have a curry tonight? :eek:
I lost 3.5lbs this week - I have no idea how!! :) :) :) :)
I am sooo chuffed! I reached Club 10 today, AND have now lost 1.5stone!
If I keep this up, that dress I bought for my birthday might be too big ;)
I dont think it will be possible to keep up a 3.5lbs weight loss, but IF i did, i would be able to lose another half a stone by my birthday - so i will have lost 2 stone! I am sooo chuffed! did anyone else find that the first stone was the hardest and then the weight dropped off quickly after that?? I'm hoping so!! :)
Also, I worked out that I have lost 1.5 stone, and I have 3 stone left to lose - therefore I have lost 1/3 of the amount I want to lose!!!
I hope some of you guys have had good losses too this week! :)

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