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Just Dance 2 - out now!


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oooh is it, i got the broadway 1 but want too impressed to be honest, prefered my friends original just dance, let us know how you get on with the 2nd 1 :) xx


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Ohhh I just picked this up on the way home from swimming and played it for half an hour or so! SO much fun!
I wanna plan using it for 30 minutes a day.
Should set up a challenge for anyone else with it too.


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Oooo! Thanks for posting this! I've now just bought this on Amazon...£22, so not too bad! I love the original Just Dance :) Wasn't fussed on Dance on Broadway however :) xxx
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It seems more forgiving that the first version - I was pants at scoring points on the first game, but the new one keeps giving me "perfects" which I obviously am not!

It is really good for toning bingo wings and for working up a sweat without noticing you are doing it.

There is a mode to challenge yourself to do a certain number of songs a day. It is called Just Sweat! LOL


A happy downward spiral
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Ive done my Just Sweat for the day.
Set it to 3 songs a day.
Doesnt take into account the other 50 songs I did before that though hehe.
Im addicted!

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Hi girls, I saw this thread and couldn't help but notice a few of you playing Just Dance - we have a Just Dance Challenge for October (and will be having one for November too) going on in here: http://www.minimins.com/fitness-exercise/170458-new-just-dance-challenge-october.html and we'd love to see you in there if you want to join us! Even if you just want to put down the amount of hours you've completed - we'd love to have some new challengers with us and now Just Dance 2 is out and is fabulous I'm sure we'll rack up our times before you know it!

Looking forward to hopefully seeing some of you in the thread if you wanna come over :) X

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