just feel quite rubbish......a general moan ...any one else


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:confused: feeling quite crap today and lately, i have noticed that i am briused all over and i hardley ever used to bruise, im not joking my whole body is black blue and yellow:eek:
has anyone else had this

i have started cookin the most amazing meals for my family fiance and 4 kids and im so craving all this food its the main meals that are really getting me they are just so healthy and fresh and look and smell delicious today me and the kids made cakes and i couldnt even lick the bowl, im refeeding in december the 11th ready for xmas

i have my wedding to look forward to and we are having the most amazing food throughout the day, hog roast and salads and things for lunch and curries and rice and all the trimmings for the evening doo.

i have bin on this now for 5 weeks and 3 days and cant wait till the end.

i need to know if it is possible to go strait on to slimming world ater xmas, will i put on weight as sliimming world always used to work well for me will it be ok after xmas and will i loose wieght
im confused about everything and feeling a bit sad to be honest :(
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Im the same with bruises, my legs are always black and blue, sometimes the size of the palm of your hand. so if anyone knows what this could be, let me know please.

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just try & remember y ya doing it, it does get tedious but uve dne so well up2 now,,it will be worth it keep going luv it wont be long ,chin up:needhug::needhug::needhug:

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hi, ive had a rubbish day to, its my totm thou, lol. ive noticed i have got so many bruises round my knees and legs, it must be the lipotrim cause i never used to bruise. take care and keep thinking how great we will feel slim and sexy and of cource healthy, lol. x


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Keep going, you've come a long way...don't undo all of the good work. Keep you wedding in mind and how good you'll feel if you stay strong and carry on! *Big hug* :)


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Im the same with bruises, my legs are always black and blue, sometimes the size of the palm of your hand. so if anyone knows what this could be, let me know please.

the bruising is caused by a lack of vitamin k in the body, lipotrim does have enough vitamin k in it but apparently there is no known RDA for vitamin k and a lack of this does cause bruising.

i used to get it alot when i was on total food replacement and still 3 months down the line i bruise alot easier than i used to.

don't worry about it but if it does get you down then dont hesitate to see your gp to put your mind at rest and i think there is something that they can prescribe to help with the bruising if they are unsightly or getting you down.

good luck xxxx

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Hiya why not try rubbing which hazel on the bruises as its know to reduce bruising, my grandad used it after he had been in hospital and he was black and blue form where he'd had needles in him and it reduced them for him xx


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Thanks nicki just joining in I am sooo bruised I was starting to get worried but you have put my mind at ease now thanks xx