Just got home and hungry - suggestions?


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Happens everyday - I get home before bf and frantically search for something to eat so we can sit down properly together for dinner later. Any quick and healthy suggestions? I always want savoury (and used my HE already) and right now the cheese is screaming at me from the fridge....
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I have a ryvita with philidelphia extra light when I get a cheese craving. It's relatively low syn depending on how much phili you slap on!


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Not that it helps right this minute - but I try to plan ahead and keep a syn free quiche in the fridge or a potato salad to munch on.
If I haven't planned ahead properly I'll reach in the cupboard and grap batchelors super noodles - ready in minutes and low in syns on green/EE (but each flavour varies wildly in syns - check the flavour syn value first!!)


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the following are just a few that are free on green/EE:

Super Low Fat Noodles, Chicken & Herb, made up as directed, 85g pack
Super Low Fat Noodles, Chilli Chicken, made up as directed, 85g pack
Super Low Fat Noodles, Sweet Thai Chilli, made up as directed, 85g pack
Super Noodles to Go, 98% Fat Free, Barbecue Beef, ambient, 85g pot
Super Noodles to Go, 98% Fat Free, Roast Chicken, ambient, 85g pot
Super Noodles to Go, 98% Fat Free, Sweet Thai Chilli, ambient, 85g pot
Super Noodles to Go, 98% Fat Free, Tikka Masala, ambient, 85g pot


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theres a few reciepes on here if you search, everyone seems to do it differently, but here's how I do mine:

1. cook/dry fry whatever veg or meat take you like, I like bacon, onions, mushrooms and tomatoes.

2. Mix together the 4 eggs, 150g fat-free natural cottage cheese. The sainsburys be good to yourself is syn free - not sure about other makes

3. lob you cooked veg/meat in a flan dish and pour over the egg/cottage cheese mixture. I grate a little low fat chedder on top so there's a crispy cheesy bit (not totally necessary)

4. Oven cook on about 190 for 25-mins or until it looks cooked and a little brown

Free on red/gree/ee depends what you fancy putting in it.

I also replied to your tall girl thread as I'm a fellow tallie!! x


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also if you make a big pot of superfree soup and keep it in the fridge you can dip in and out guilt free at any time


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I'm probs waaaay too late, but I keep loads of fruit in the fridge and carrot sticks. If you want savoury, do a pasta salad, chuck in veg/ meat dependent on EE/ Green. Keep some cold meats in stock if you're a red girl :)