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just had 2nd delivery of food

How excited i am at getting my second parcel of diet food lol its like christmas, doesnt remember getting this excited when i unpack my asda delivery ha ha ha.

well i ordered my first week of weight to go diet food in the mind set of "oh i will give it a week see how it goes" i was so pleased and happy with the diet im going to continue with it.
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well done with the weight loss. im on diet chef and im waiting for my second box to come! it is exciting! and i like putting my packs of food out at night ready for the next day, it makes me look forward to eating instead of just constantly eating!
i wasnt sure if to join weight to go, diet chef or go lower, ended up DC though, not sure y, but glad i am!
r u finding it easy then?

i am finding this the easiest diet i have done, the shakes really tastes lush and fill me up. i like all the lovely meals and im having a portion of fruit and veg as well. it fits in really well with my life style.

i get my first whole week weigh in tomorrow so cant wait to see the results, as of yesterday i was already down 9lbs.

im going to be using diet chef when i get to target, so tell me what are the meals like?
they are really nice. ive never felt full before but this diet fills me up! just shows how bad i was eating before!
im eating my lunch now, pea and ham soup and its lovely! yesterday though, i really didnt fancy eating another saucy dinner so ended up just eating a hard boiled egg and some spinach.

but most of the meals are really yummy!!!
ive just had my 1st weigh-day and lost 4lbs so im really happy with this diet
good luck anyway x
well done on the weight loss thats fantastic, my food fills me up too and its a nice small portion i now use a small plate for my evening meal and that is just the perfect amount. im so glad i found this diet and im really looking forward to tasting diet chefs yummy food. i shall maintain on it for quite a while i dont want any more weight gains i have spent a life up and down like a yo yo.

woohooo 4lbs keep up the good work


Stubborn and doing it
I thought about Weight to Go, but then the shakes put me off, what with having done Cambridge - but then it sure is working for you which is great :D

Good luck with WI on Weds :)
i have done both cd and LL, and the shakes on this diet are completely different. the weight to go shakes are really nice and creamy i make mine up to 1 pint and at this they are very creamy and tasty. also i read on their site that u can make up the shake and it will last 6 hours out of the fridge or 12 hours in the fridge.

i find having the shakes and the food, it feels me right up and im never hungry.

caroline why dont you call weight to go and ask for a sample of their milk shake just to see for yourself what its like?

yes its definately working for me i can see myself getting to my target weight easy on this diet plan. im waiting to see if the weight loss is the same as sole source. so far i have lost the same the first week


Stubborn and doing it
I may may do that once I get fed up of DC :)

It certainly will be interesting to see whether it matches SS. I know when on Cambridge I didn't notice that much difference between SS and 790.
Sorry - but I am actually a complete novice in terms of DC - but what is the difference between weight to go, go lower and DC. Is it cost, calories or food type ??
I know I could probably google them all and find out - but you guys will have a more real answer I am sure !!
weight to go is 850 calories, basically i have a shake for breakfast, apple mid morning, lunch is a lovey soup and then another shake mid after then for tea i had chilli con carne + 80g veg and then i had another shake on the evening.

i think weight to go diet is less calories than dc and go lower. the one im doing isnt cheap at the mo its 125 for 2 weeks worth. but im happy with the results and im not hungry at all. and so far my weight loss is on par for the same as sole source.

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