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Just had brekky at 2.30pm

I couldn't wait that long, I'm starving as soon as I wake.
Congrats on getting 'in the zone' but {and not meaning to be patronising} you need to make sure you have a little something to keep your energy levels up! Even if it's a small chunk of cheese xx
agreed CS and to start the body working and burning fat.


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Thanks guys

I do normally it is just that the day went so quick it was like omg is that the time already. It just made me realize why I like low carb. xx


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Hi, I tend to do the same, I am on low carbs and I never eat breakfast before 12:30, am I doing the wrong thing, would I burn more fat if I ate breakfast earlier? :)

Karen x
I believe so Karen, I can't remember where it is in the book now, but I'm sure there is a piece about eating your breakfast to get your metabolism started.


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Ok thanks Jim, I will try to eat earlier :)

Karen x
How late do you eat at night Karen. I tend to have my last food before 7 in the evening, so when I wake up I'm starving.


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I normally have my evening meal about 6:30/7:00 but I save a nut bar till about 8:30, I hate the idea of having nothing left out of my daily allowance :)

Karen x
I'm surprised your not starving in the morning like I am then Karen.


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I never have been much of a morning eater, thinking about it that probably has a lot to do with my weight problem in itself :( I really need to try to eat earlier :)

Karen x
Give it a go tomorrow Karen.

OOH, Just noticed your from Dudley. :wavey:


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Yes you are only up the road, or is it down the road??? :party0019:

Karen x

I have actually started lipotrim AGAIN today lol.. I need to lose as much weight as possible over the next 4 weeks so I thought why I am not hungry I will give lipotrim ago. I will be back though that is for sure but I need to lose this weight asap for my health.

Jim can I ask you do you still count your carbs for your maintenance or do you have an idea what you can eat without counting anymore?

Thanks xx
Sherby, I don't count carbs any more but I have been an Atkins devotee for a long time now. I know what I can and can't eat. If I've put on weight on my weekly weigh in I go on induction until it's gone. Works for me! :)

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