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Just had my healthy asda shopping delivered

I'm thinking of starting this. Has anyone found they spend less doing it this way. My food bill must be well over £100 a week:cry:and I really do need to get a grip!


Slow but sure....
I find that I don't spend so much because there is so much food at different prices to compare - when you are shopping online you can take your time - when you are rushing around the supermarket it gets stressful and hot and with all the crowds and the queue's so you don't have time to stop and compare prices.

And when you have clicked 'checkout' if you have spent too much just go back into the 'shop' and delete what you don't need or change to lower priced items.....Simples!!!

Plus with Asda, if you order something and they have to 'substitute' it if it is out of stock, if that item is a higher price than what you had ordered, you will not pay the extra.....Asda do.

I love online grocery shopping, plus you get a chance to peruse all the aisles for the best bargains, half the time you never get time in the shop.

The drivers are great and very helpful, they will put you bags of shopping right into your kitchen if you prefer that, they also take back any unused carrier bags too, it's great at Christmas - no queue's at the cash out!!!!!

Give it a go and I bet you stay with it.......I just need some one to put my shopping away now, LOL......
I'm thinking of starting this. Has anyone found they spend less doing it this way. My food bill must be well over £100 a week:cry:and I really do need to get a grip!
it is indeed better online , i usually go straight to the special offers bits and start that way , then add my faves to the list , you also can keep an eye on what you are spending .
my shopping came to 51 quid this week :D
Total cost: £50.57 QtyProductSubstitutePrice 1Chicken kievs - pesto
£1.90 1Chunks in jelly poultry selection
£3.47 1Biopot lite yogurt - strawberry
£1.16 1Biopot yogurt - summer
£1.16 1Chicken thighs
£3.00 1British Beef Mince
£1.00 1Yellow honeydew melon
£1.00 1Cantaloupe melon
£1.00 1Apples
£1.00 1Sweetcorn cobettes
£1.00 1Grean Beans
£1.00 1Parsnips
£0.98 1Mushrooms
£1.46 1Cauliflower
£0.78 2Carrots
£1.00 2Strawberry yogurt - light
£0.67 1Cherry yogurt - light
£0.33 2Bleach - arctic
£1.00 2Dumpling mix
£1.00 1Conditioner - UV Filter Colour Protect
£1.50 1Shampoo - UV filter colour protect
£1.50 2Pork faggots 4 pack
£2.00 2Toad in the Hole
£2.00 1Savoury rice - mexican
£0.25 1Savoury rice - beef
£0.25 2Savoury rice - golden
£0.50 1Cous cous - moroccan
£0.50 1Cous cous - spice sensation
£0.50 4Passata
£1.00 1Sherry trifle
£1.00 1Profiterole dessert
£1.00 2Cheese triangles light
£1.50 1British Spreadable
£1.00 1Bath milk - indulging
£0.75 1Bath milk - coconut and vanilla
£0.75 1Weight Control Chicken & Rice
£2.21 2Dijon mustard
£1.08 1Eggs - minimum net weight
£1.45 1Crispy leaf salad
£0.50 1Fine cut salad
£0.50 1Red onions
£0.50 1New potatoes
£1.00 1.0
£0.74 1Courgettes pack
£1.00 1Broccoli
£0.68 2Aubergine
£1.00 Subtotal£56.42Delivery£0.00eVouchers£0.00 Savings£5.85 Total£50.57
Thing is - my 2 supermarkets - Asda and Tesco are within 5 mins driving distance so is it worth me paying delivery charges when would cost me less in petrol.....? ALSO when seeing some dot.com pickers doing the online shop they don't assess the fruit and veg and dates so surely you could get some furry squishy ones? AND also I'd miss grabbing yellow label bargains especially on cold meats off the deli.
Other than that I wouldn't mind doing internet shopping...!

Never had any probelms with any fruit or veg , i work in a supermarket , fulltime and i hate going shopping when ive been at work all week .
re the delivery charge , i got it free cos i spent over 50 quid !!
I might give it a go one time - thing is I always take my parents shopping and I think they enjoy the 'trip out' LOL - might do it one time when they are on holiday



Slow but sure....
I've never had a problem with Asda or Tesco sending me out of date food....and anyway you are within your rights to go through your shopping while the driver is still there and send back what you don't want...why not try it once and see how you like it. X
ALSO when seeing some dot.com pickers doing the online shop they don't assess the fruit and veg and dates so surely you could get some furry squishy ones? Jill
I prefer Tesco as you can put a note beside the item, e.g some green and some ripe bananas or longest date possible.
I never find that Asda's fruit stores well :-(


Mad old Bat with Attitude
I live nearly 30 miles from Asda! But they do deliver round here. I still think I would go to the local shop for my veg as they tend to sell veg grown round here. And I do like going to asda to see what clothes they have in george! But as it gets near Xmas I may order from them. I avoid tesco, I just don't think they give good value for money any more. (and they seem to have lots of gaps in their shelves) I tend to go to the local morrisons, tho they don't tend to do low fat! I will often pop into Iceland. they don't do online, but if you spend £25 they deliver free.
Lol maybe i should start doing this rather than torturing myself by walking past the store bakery thinking about all the yummies i want!
but then... i would miss the reduced section... (cheapskate me!)

pick up some real bargains in there!!

hmmm maybe next week though... seem to spend WAY too much on shopping (£100+ a week like you triple trouble!)

always amazes me... how can you spend that much on food??? but i always do!!
even when i dont buy alcohol and crap! xx
I'm just the same cinderzxx, the smell of crusty bread and the lure of the reduced counter ALWAYS draw me in, wherever I am and whichever store (loyalty card, what loyalty card?). I call myself the Chuck Out Queen, and even tell the markdown person that the 'vulture' is in!

We visited Crawley on Thursday, and went to the Tesco Extra at Gatwick in the evening. We came home with LOADS of bargains, mostly fruit and veg. It's a bit of a nightmare sorting it out when we get home, deciding what's got to be used first, what to put into the kitchen fridge/freezer, what can go into the larder fridge downstairs - and what can survive on the floor in the corner when we run out of fridge space! Then there's the lists of what we've put where so we don't overlook anything! I read somewhere that each of us throws away an incredible amount of food every year - I've got £240 in my mind! I'd LOVE to know who throws away Hubby and my lot, 'cos I get upset if I waste a lettuce leaf! I'm right with Judimac about sell by dates (and freezer storage times), they're for the stores benefit, not ours, and are just a guide! We've also got 3 smallish chest freezers, with all the associated 'listings' that go with them, but now that electricity is SO expensive we can't continue to run them all, bargains or no bargains!

It all started when Hubby was out of work for a long period - all 'cos of age of course - and although worried about the house, bills, and a mounting feeling of being on the scrapheap, at least we knew we wouldn't starve! There were the weeks when we just HAD to do a Boot Sale to meet expenses... still, we survived, and, until he retired, I look back on it as the happiest time of my life. These things tend to either pull you together or drive you apart...

Having now bored the pants off everyboby, I must go and get on.
Hubby's just made the syn free muffins, except that it's in a loaf tin,
and it's just started to smell WONDERFUL!

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