Just lost 5 pounds in a day!!

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    Haha ok well technically I didn't :p But, I am 5lbs closer to my target weight than I thought!

    I'll explain... My target weight is 8.7, because that's what I'd been before I gained weight, and I wanted to get back down to it.
    Anyway, CDc's scales and my scales have always been pretty much exactly the same, but I realised today that the scales I used to measure myself back when I was 8.7 were my dads scales, not the ones I've been using. So I decided to weigh myself on these to see if there was any difference.... and it says I'm 10.7 at the moment, which I'm not - I'm 10.12. Which meeeeans that when I thought I was 8.7 I was actually 8.12!

    Now, I told my mate and she was like "Oh, are you upset you were heavier than you thought you were back then?" - Errr, no! Lol!

    Getting back to 8.7 is what I wanted, but after putting on the weight I kept feeling like maybe it would be difficult to maintain, 8.7 just *sounds* low to me... does anyone get what I mean? And when I had friends who were roughly my height and 8.7 stone, I kept thinking "but they are all slimmer than me!" So then I thought, well if I ever want to look like they do, what am I going to have to weigh? 8 stone or something ridiculous like that? Now I know it was nearer 9 stone I feel a lot happier - it makes things seem more achievable. And that made me realised it wasn't 8.7 I wanted to get down to anyway - I wanted to get back to being a size 8-10. *That* was the goal. And that is what I was at 8.12 stone.

    I'm not sure if I'm going to keep my target weight of 8.7 - I think I might do, I'll see how I feel when I get closer to it. However, just knowing that as my goal the whole time has been "how I was before", and that it's actually closer than I thought.... I'm just so happy! And yes I know it's only a 5 pound difference, which doesn't sound huge, but when I'm on the later plans particularly, each of those pounds will mean everything, could add up to another month of CD. Oh and plus, I didn't put on as much weight in the first place as I thought - and that's always a bonus haha!

    (Oh and, just to ensure the scales hadn't changed since when I used to weigh myself, I checked with my dad and he says they've been 5 pounds lower than the other ones for years!)

    So yeah, super happy day today!! Wooooo! Hope everyone's good! xxxx
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    WTG you you. lol
    Keep up the good work
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    Luci that's brilliant!!!!!! how funny. Maybe re set your first goal and then when You're close to it have a think about another goal. That's what I'm doing. going to 9st first as i know i'm comfy there and i the want to go into the 8's xxx
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