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Just moved my final goalpost...


has started again!!
:( and almost wished I hadnt! I realised that the goal of 11 stone I had set myself, did not take me below BMI 25, so I changed it to 10.5 stone! Now I STILL have just under 90lbs to lose, and I am so fed up.

I shouldnt be, as I had a fab loss this week of just over 6lbs, but it just seems so far off, the thought that I will ever reach my goal.

Anyone got any realistic ideas as to how long it might take me? I am on my hols to Spain in Aug, and I just dont think I could face being abstinent then. We are also taking the kids camping for Whit week, with another family, and just having my packs then will be a trial, to say the least! Last time we all went, we had the most fab BBQs, breakfasts and lots of wine....

I know we dont live to eat but rather eat to live, but the social aspect of eating and being with friends is really getting me down.

Sorry to drip on. I am pleased so far, just a bit blue at the months ahead. Someone give me a kick up the proverbial please....:wave_cry:
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Hi Sarah,:)
i am only on week 4 and feel a bit like you do, so well done what an acheivement!!:fyi:
what you have got to do is focus on being a babe in August for your holidays, think of the photo's and the energy you will have if you just keep to loosing the weight...
you have already acheived so much 3 1/2 stone is brilliant!!!
We went skiing in February so had not planned to go anywhere for summer, but tonight, we have just booked two weeks in the south of France we go the last week of July so i have to get myself motivated like you as i don't want any harpoons coming my way when im on the beach lol .:rotflmao:
but just think April now , August could be 3 stone lighter or even more!!so don't give up and when you are on holiday enjoy, im going to, we know what we have to do to take it off don't we!!:drool:

don't dismiss your acheivement's, and 7lb is just two weeks work!! so good luck, im with you all the way. :p :bliss: :bliss: angelxx
Please don't get too down about this Sez. You're doing brilliantly.
I've not set myself an end goal yet. Instead I've set myself a management goal, with a view to losing at least another stone in management, which will then take my BMI under 25. All of this I still see as very flexible, and I'm just not sure what I'll feel like come end July when I expect to have reached my management goal (12st 7 - which will be a 7st loss in total). I'm going to make that decision when I get there.
Maybe some mini milestones would help?
I know, it's so hard when you write it down and think 'how am I ever going to get there?'
Your loss has been fantastic so far, and why would it alter? Angel is right, 7lb's is just 2 weeks work max!
Keep your pecker up sez you've come such a long way allready. Just imagine how great you are going to feel on that holiday at the thought of all that weight loss, just keep going.


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Sarah I've got 97lb to go (made it under 100 tonight) and to be honest when I go away on holiday (1 week one in June and a 3.5 week one in July/August) I'm planning on having shakes and soups for breakfast and lunch but to eat a healthy mainly protein meal for my dinner. I intend to go straight back into abstinence between and after the holidays but am eating there as I want the whole holiday experience and not to be sitting with water while everyone eats. This may add 3 weeks onto the total length of my LL journey but to me it is so worth that.

Don't let yourself get brought down by the big picture, just look at how far you've come and enjoy that while making realistic goals for your future.


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