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Just moved to CD from ....


Gone fishing
Hiya Mrs Z and well done for the 8lbs:clap:

What the average weekly loss for CD?
Everyone is different. Generally works out about a stone a month after the initial flush of water.

Is everyyone's hair falling out?
LOL. Nope. It happens to a few. The hair can thin rather than fall out, and can happen after you've been on the diet for a few months. It grows back healthier and happier than every before they tell me.

Why does the tomato soup taste so horrid
Umm. Some like them. I thought they were a bit sweet. Lots of other flavours to try if that does suit :clap:

Why did I never consider CD first!!!??
Weird innit. Lots of people say the same ;)

All the best on Cambridge. Fab diet :)
G: 13st0lb
Hi and welcome to the fold!

You are sooo doing the best diet.

My hair remains very much in tact so far, and maybe as an acception I adore the tomato soup and have it regularly. You will find what you like and it may change as you do the diet and begin to want more variety! Trty everything once until you get your favs!

I have lost slightly more than a stone a month so far on average. Lets put it this way you are guranteed great loss each week.

Good luck!

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