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Step 1 Sole Source Just ordered my wishful thinking "skinny" outfit

You will be in them in no time, I did that with a dress for a wedding I went to and it worked. Trying to use it as motivation to keep it off too :)
Well the parcel has been delivered if you can believe everything on the internet so it will be interesting to see what size 12 clothes look like on me when I get home.
Well done I've lost a grand total of 16 + 3/4 lbs in three weeks now are you doing sole source or. Sole source plus I'm still losing so I can't justify cutting milk from my coffee and tea although I've changed to skimmed
I bought some size 16 skinny jeans and some size 16 work trousers, can't wait to get in them, after that I'm aiming for my goal size, 14 :) I'm almost 6ft tall so I'd look ill if I go too skinny I think xx
Wow Kiwichan that's amazing!! We have similar-ish stats! Im currently 13st and looking to get to 11st in 8wks and then a further stone off after that! How are you finding it? I am only on day 2! x
The first 10 days were pretty awful but it's been easy enough since then. I may die of boredom soon though and I'm sorry but I'm still constantly hungry. It's just that I can live with it when I'm in ketosis.
Hiya Kiwichan - so last sunday (5 days on plan) I had weigh in with CDC and lost half a stone. Still another 1.5 stone to go. I defintely am still struggling although on Day 10. I have another 1.5 stone to lose in 7 weeks. I worry how much I will lose and how fast as I know that the more you have to lose the quicker it comes off and I worry that mine will be slow. What kind of products do you eat? I am really hating the soups but forcing them every lunchtime - my brain seems to want to tell me that 3 naughty tasting shakes a day is bad for me (I used to suffer with eating disorders so used to starve cause thought everything was bad for me!). Finding it really hard today as started studying for my next set of law exams which means late late nights and early morning before I have to work everyday for 8hours. I have never ever done this studying/exams without the ability to drink lattes to keep me going and pick constantly on sugary food for energy rush... my concentration isn't great so far on this although i've had some really positive days but last couple have been super hard!

Motivation/advice welcome x


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I stopped the porridge and soups altogether. I just have shakes now. I'm also eating 2 eggs at breakfast, find it really helps to keep me full. I'm losing approx. 3lbs a week with 2 eggs and 3 shakes (choc, mint choc or banana). Other than banana I have my shakes hot. I'm down about 20-22 lbs now in 5 weeks depending on whether I weigh in the morning or evening. I notice a big difference now and I'm at the stage where none of my clothes fit me. I bought two pairs of size 12 work trousers today and they were normal 12's, not the trying to kid myself I'm a 12 12's. I have the odd can of tuna or piece of chicken too when I'm starving. I know some people consider that cheating but it doesn't affect my ketosis. I'm also walking 5km a couple of times a week and this has really increased the inch loss but not so much the scales. Keep going. I promise it's really worth it and every week is easier.
Thank you for your response on this! Definitely needed to hear it from someone with similar stats/goal to me. I am trying to walk a mile a day at the moment and I am going to start doing a slightly longer walk two nights a week too to try and help speed things along. I think I may just go onto to just the shakes as of next week (with the occasional porridge as I do quite like it but the soups YUCK!!). Im glad to see how well you have done! I just hope I can have similar success! x

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