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Just saw this on Ebay.


Reached Target. woohoo


No Coffee, No Workee
Oh good grief! :8855: Got to hand it to him for being enterprising I suppose!!


Reached Target. woohoo
So save up all your syns and whilst losing lbs make £££££s. :)
oh how funny as if he thought he would sell them how simple does he think we all are !!!!!
oohh I missed it wot was it ???
please do tell


Reached Target. woohoo
oohh I missed it wot was it ???
please do tell
Go to Ebay Alice and put in this number
290292938358 and see if it works.
If not, I was on Ebay and saw that someone was selling their saved up syns. How mad is that. Check it out. xxx

(Just been on and typed in the number in search and it still comes up, it has ended but scroll down and the info is there.)
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Ha Ha ,I love this type of thing.
HAve you ever seen the ones just after christmas?........
the ones where people are trying to sell the last brussel sprout !!


Reached Target. woohoo
Yes there once was an unstruck match and an empty box of crunchynut cornflakes on sale. Crazy. xxx


I'm a raver baby!
Lol, very amusing, my Dad was actually joking about doing this just the other day!

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