Step 1 Sole Source Just spent the last hour sniffing pizza in Milano (Pizza Express in the UK)

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Kiwichan, 22 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. Kiwichan

    Kiwichan Silver Member

    I had a glass of water and im feeling sorry for myself. That is all.
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  3. Chlo

    Chlo Silver Member

    Woo hoo, if you can get through sniffing pizza then you can get through anything. ;)
  4. Oh I feel your pain. I had to watch my OH's little boy eat TWO happy meals. In the car. I drank a cuppa. Waaaah!
  5. Kiwichan

    Kiwichan Silver Member

    It's a balls but I keep reminding myself its only another 8 weeks
  6. ChrissyRiley

    ChrissyRiley Silver Member

    My OH is forever eating pringles in front of me, What do you think your 1st meal will be when you finish?xx
  7. minus117

    minus117 Full Member

    My boyfriend had a Chinese takeaway on Friday night, I had my Chocolate shake....
    I spend a good 5 minutes sniffing his tub of Salt and Pepper Chicken :)
  8. shane0704

    shane0704 Full Member

    I sat in Mcdonalds with my family whilst they were eating burgers and fries, it bothered me a bit but stuck to my water and had a spicy tomato soup when I got back home. :)
  9. Kiwichan

    Kiwichan Silver Member

    Great willpower everyone!

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