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Just starting out

Hi guys,
I'm just starting out on the Atkins diet and any tips and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I have previously been on countless diets and have never been very sucessful. I'm quite active and have a busy job, and hopefully this diet will fit easily into my lifestyle.

Hopefully I'll keep on it and keep everyone posted, to everyone who is currently on and just starting a diet - good luck!!
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Hi Lottie,

Welcome to MiniMins and I hope you will make yourself at home and if you need any help please ask.

Good luck on your diet journey!

Love Mini xxx


The Minis Bad Boy
Hi Lottie due to mat consumption make sure you drink lots of water to help your body move it ;) when it comes out the other end.
Hi Lottie,

welcome and have you read the stickie's at the top of this thread love?
Glad you took my advice and joined here Lottie. ;)

I've not been on here for a while but you will find they are a good bunch who will cheer you on when you are losing and cheer you up when you're not!

Good luck Mrs!
hey i'm starting atkins too (for second time, hopefully will survive more than 3 days this time haha).
must do induction first for 14 days which is actually really tough but i'm sure can be done! good luck!
We can spur eachother on!! I have tried arkins before as well but a very long time ago and don't think I did very well, am very determined this time tho!! x
I agree, this is absolutely the most versatile and enjoyable diet there is.

Hey - I have black and silver New Rocks, with lovely buckles and trims.

Mature alternative/Goth ha ha.
Hi guys am now officially starting 2moro!! I've had 3 days of no smoking as well. I've found that a lot easier than starting my new diet!!
Not got the correst foods in at the moment I think, but am on an early shift at work so can pop down to the canteen and get some fingers crossed correct food. Got an asda shop coming after work 2moro with lots of good stuff in it!!
Thank you for all your help!!

Hope everyone is well, speak soon x
Hi Lottie, stopping smoking and starting a new diet, that's brave love.
Hi Lottie and welcome. I agree with all that everyone had said..

You are very brave to start atkins and stop smoking.., but you can and will do it!!
AtKIND diet...

hey i'm starting atkins too (for second time, hopefully will survive more than 3 days this time haha).
must do induction first for 14 days which is actually really tough but i'm sure can be done! good luck!
Hey Lottie,
When I tried the Atkins diet a couple of years ago, I didn't last for more than 3 days either Nat...
I felt so tired and always craving snack food. So obviously I didn't do very well at all on that diet. But i'm just about to start a new lower carb diet called the 'Atkind' diet, by BodyChef. Anyone used them? My friend used the Detox diet last year and lost 14lb in a month! They deliver diet plans to your door, and I chose this lower carb diet where I'll be eating around 1200 calories a day. My first delivery is tomorrow :)
I think it will be a great alternative to the atkins diet if like me you didn't get on with it because I guess you'll be getting more nutrients, with the fresh food and healthier calorie count.
I can't wait to start tomorrow! kel x
I'm starting on BodyChef's lower carb diet tomorrow as well kelly! Sounds like your friend did well on the detox diet, I lost 16lb when I followed low G.I diet too.
it's a good plan I think because the calories are more balanced than the atkins diet, so you can lose the weight and feel healthy at the same time.

Hi guys,
I'm finding the stopping smoking easy at the mo, but think it's due to not being able to go out for breaks and being busy all the time so not noticed. Think my first day has gone well, will pop todays food diary on here and if anyone has any tips I will gladly take them onboard as want to make sure am on the right track!!

B-Just water (got up late and didn't make anything!!)
L-Ham and Egg Salad and coke zero
T-Chicken wrapped in bacon and pork chop with a cheese and mushroom sauce and some broccolli.
Didn't plan any snacks for today but just kept on with water and managed to stay away from the fruity polos and maltesers that were sat on the side telling me to eat them lol!!

Cheers for your help and support guys x
Well done on the no fags Mrs. I did consider it for new year but shifting this damn weight is a priority and I know I cannot do both (I've tried in the past and I just turn into the b**ch from Hell) and you know what the SMC is like. I need my smoke breaks.

If you get a chance have a nosey round and grab a copy of the Atkins book. I managed to get mine from a charity shop so was as cheap as..... (not chips as they're not allowed)...... Chops!

Also if you are out and about and are not sure if something is "allowed" or not give me a quick text.
Cheers Dawn(boogaloo), Got the book just found it a little confusing with portion sizes and amounts of certain things!! Will deffo give u a text when out shopping, so prepare yourself for saturdays ha ha.

I couldn't give up smoking at SMC would have killed someone!! It's ok here as it's NHS can't go out for tab breaks newho so thats made it easier and as no1 else going out I'm not tempted!! x
Great Lottie!

I used to smoke. Luckily I was able to give it up almost overnight, years back. I don't preach 'cos I loved smoking but my poor chest didn't. Was ill with bronchitis winter and summer every single year.

To be honest food always had the bigger hold on me, by far, even if in those days it was avoiding it almost totally that was my 'thing'!

Deal with what you can handle, one thing at a time if that is what works for you.

I've just decided to give up drinking at home, ever, unless I have company. Haven't been drinking at all lately so it hit me hard at New Year. A few vodkas and I was spark out. So, I reason, I don't need it! Why buy it, then? And I need to save money, so...

With Atkins my food is sorted. Everything else comes from that.

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