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Just starting out

Hiya FNM!!

OK ketosis for most people tends to be around day 5 to fully engage but no two people are the same.

Stick with it though as once in ketosis the diet gets much easier.



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Hi there FNM (I can't possibly shorten your name to Fatty!) - Most LLCs run a pop in on day 3 or 4 by which stage you are usually in ketosis depending on whether you started on the day of your first session or the day after. Recent tracking of ketosis returns has shown that as long as we don't have bars or water flavourings (which you won't have anyway as a new LLer) we tend to get into ketosis about halfway through day 3.

When I first started, the last solid food I had was at 4pm on Sunday and my first foodback on the Monday morning and felt the rotten mouth and weird headaches on the morning of the Wednesday and by the end of Wednesday night I was in ketosis - but as Mike says it really isn't an exact science and no two people are the same - I ate for england before my first WI so I have a lot of glycogen to dump - some people eat healthily/go on an LL prescribed lowcarb plan in the run up so they get in very quickly but have less dramatic losses (so worry that they aren't in ketosis - which is ironic!) hope that helps!


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hey ICE

Ive been very bad tonite...ive had 2 vodkas, pickled onions and choc chip cookies......how will it affect me??
Babs, it's not that you have been 'bad' it's just that you haven't stuck to the plan. It will only affect you if you want to let it. Stop nibbling, get on with the packs and the water and do not have anything else.

I could tell you how it will take you out of ketosis and potentially feel hungry - but you must have already been feeling emotional hunger to start picking and drinking anyway. Drinking is dangerous on an empty abstinence stomach, particularly hard liquor, so please don't do it again.

If you nibble and drink, you will make this so much harder on yourself - it makes the weightloss slower, it makes it harder to learn why you eat and how you put on the weight in the first place. If you cannot trust yourself not to pick, you need to either get your kids to squirt their leftovers with washing up liquid when they've finished eating! And also is there any reason why you need to keep cookies in the house whilst you're on the plan? You don't need to take treats off the menu for the family you just need to say that you'd rather not have them in the house for a few weeks until you feel stronger.

Hope that helps.


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Thank u Sarah

Im guna be good on it now.....LMAO @ washing up liqued.....hes only just 3...if i showed him that he would prop do it to everyones....b4 they had ate it! haha

Thanks for replying tho...i feel much beta today.
Have a nice day Sarah


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Babs - wasn't sure how old he was! LMAO at a 3 year old putting washing up liquid on everything!

Have a good day - keep busy!


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