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just starting


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Hi doubledumpling!! :) I have been on SW about 9 weeks now. I found it fantastic, the hardest part for me was worrying about the first meeting, but actually is wasn't bad at all!!

It took about a week or so to get my head round it and at the meeting i was baffled. When i got home i read the food Optismising book ( lets you know what to eat and not to eat really) cover to cover. I soon got the hung of it and i love it. I hate feeling hungry and have tried other diets before but SW is definatley for me. I have lost 22lb so far and weigh in again on thursday!

There are Original and green days and food that you can eat on those days, then there is superfree foods for either day. So you can have the nice bits and the treat you also get "syns" and you can use these on things like crisps, choc and wine. It will all get explained to you, so dont worry!

Just let us know how you get on, this forum is great for a kick up the bum, getting you back on track any advice and menu ideas. So if you need to ask a question or just a chat, just shout!! My one piece of advice...try and stay to group, it has really helped me!

Good luck :)
thanxs bumpyo i did have a little idea as my friends doing it but i went some extra help so thats great thanxs. also was wondering how do u get that tracker thing for ur weight if u dont mind first time on here so not sure how to do it hahah


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good luck with sw, i was freaked out about the meetings too, but once u get there its really fine :D it is a bit confusing at the start but once i'd read my book it all started to make sense.. just make sure you have enough food in the house esp the free food, cos last week i wasnt able to get shoppin as was at college and ended up eating everything in sight... so its best to plan ahead. Theres loads of nice recipes and stuff on here to, so have a look
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Free food (in sensible proportions!) is the key to SW. Stock up on lots of fresh fruit and veg, cooked meats and Mullerlight yoghurts. Good luck!

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