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just stopped Lipotrim could SW be the one

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Hi everyone

I have just been on Lipotrim for 10 days and i lost 14lbs altogether but i felt so ill last night i broke it and had some steamed cabbage...... argghhh

after chatting with my family (and friend who is a GP) I have decided maybe it isnt for me. That leaves me with the query of where do i go from here because i am determined i will lose weight...... i have a slimming world and a weight watchers meeting in my area tonight and im struggling to decide which to go with. Been on SW website and cannot belive how much can eat in a day... i cant believe i would lose weight eating so much food....

someone please help..


Trish xx
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I love slimming world, I like the fact I'm never hungry I have been reeducated on my eating habbits, I can just go to the fridge and get food and not worried what is in it because I know my fridge is stocked with "safe stuff- for all the family" if I want a treat I have my stash of stuff so I'm not tempted by other stuff.

I'm too busy to mess on keeping track of points, I eat free all day then save my syns for a drink and snak after my day a reward as such.

I've had great weightloss, days out with the kids are simple a breadbun filled with cheese and sald is easy to add to any coolbag I stock, the fruits and yoghuts are fine so I can eat unlimited.

I have to be careful with kids I don't want them to grow up with food issues mammy can't eat that, mammy was always on a diet- no mammy is on a health eating plan. They see my eating all day.

I am breastfeeding an my milk supply hasn't dropped, I have plenty of energy, my skin is better than ever.

I'm not cooking different meals for everyone.

My friend does weight watchers but it seems processed food and no family meals, she can't believe I can eat pizza, pasta, potatoes and lose wight. Her portions are so small.
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You'll get different opinions according to which forum you post on! ;)

I am an ex-WWer and whilst I loved it at the time, my portions were teeny tiny and I was forever filling up on no points soup! I did lose a good amount of weight (around 3 stone) but it wasn't sustainable. I was obsessed with points in everything and I got complacent with the plan...doing a few days off and a few days on and not losing anything.

Fast forward a couple of years, a new man and two stone back on again, I decided I needed a new challenge...and that was SW. I knew little about it other than original/green days.

I am SO glad I chose to do SW. It's a long-term, sustainable way of eating. It encourages you to be healthy, eat fresh foods and meals made from scratch. You can eat so much food! And you do lose weight. Stick to the plan and it works. Simple as that.

Different plans suit different people but if you choose SW you'll have lots of support here.

Oh...and it's cheaper ;)


I will succeed!!!
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Welcome to the SW forum, whether you decide it's for you or not :D

As Hellie said, if you asked on the other forums, they'd all cheer for their chosen plan.

SO - all I would say is do some research and check the various websites and plans out there. I say this only because I've only ever done SW so I can't comment on the others.

But my experience so far with SW if fab. I've lost 20.5lbs on the plan, 13.5 of which in the last 14weeks. I find it flexible, managable and more like a life change than eating plan/diet. In fact, that IS what it is!

Hope you choose SW - and well done on losses so far.



Wishing and hoping!
SW is great you can eat with in reason (never feel like your hungray), great new recipes, lose weight, build up confidence, feel good about your body again and there is always suport on this forum so no need to feel as if you are alone

no mercy

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I'm former cambridge diet (which is very similar to lipotrim) - and I would wholeheartedly reccomend sw. you may put on a few pounds in the first week, but it generally comes off just as quickly - when i made the change I did refeed on cambridge diet first so it wasnt as bad, but if you are going straight to sw, then i would suggest red days for the first couple of weeks...

hope that helps! :)


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At some point you will need to return to normal eating and SW IS normal eating and sustainable. I feel SW offers a healthier diet than WW as the food you eat cannot be all processed. Good luck in your choice


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I would say try SW.
I have tried every diet in the book since I was 14 and SW is the only one that works for me. It's so flexible and easy!
Good luck in whatever you choose!
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Hi there, i understand how you feel. I just done a week on cambridge and felt really awful so looked up alternatives! I choice slimming world of ww because of the flexibility of the plan i am on Extra Easy and once you get your head around it, it is! I was anxious about eating the first couple of days but am slowly getting there.

I was told at my meeting that i might not get great loss as if i had come straight onto the plan but the way i am looking at it is it is not just a plan for now. Yes i want to loose a god amount of weight but i want to get re educated about food as it seems to last more long term.

Good luck with your decision but give it a go!

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